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Thread: Announcing Thief: The Black Parade, a campaign for Thief Gold

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    Announcing Thief: The Black Parade, a campaign for Thief Gold

    The year is 833. Your are Hume, a hardened convicted criminal returning to The City after a forced exile. You are lost, don't recognise places that used to be familiar and you are a stranger to everyone. Plunge into a sinister plot involving crime, dark secrets, hushed conspiracies behind closed doors and eldritch terrors as you try to make a living in this ever-hostile city of gears, smoke and filth.


    Teaser emulating the style of old TDP trailers (but with less talent!).

    - 10 Huge Missions
    The Black Parade is comprised of 10 sprawling missions that will test your thieving skills. Explore the darkened backstreets and alleyways of The City, take on the Thieves' Highway, go spelunking for riches guarded by the ancient dead and plan audacious break-ins in The City's finest households and guarded places.

    - Expanded Lore
    Built upon Thief Gold and a bit of Thief 2: The Metal Age, as well as the lore established by the likes of Purah and Melan, The Black Parade aims at expanding the lore considerably by adding several new quarters and districts to The City, as well as fleshing out various factions and aspects such as administration, the criminal underworld and the rivalries between several groups. You only saw a fraction of the huge medieval metropolis through Garrett's eyes. Hume brings a new perspective and the story is carefully intertwined with Thief Gold's. For instance, here is our City map.

    - A Love Letter to Thief Gold
    This campaign is designed as a tribute to Thief Gold and its very peculiar style and level design. It is an old-school campaign at its core and while it uses a bunch of new textures and objects, they are still faithful to the original artstyle. Expect surreal areas and a creepy atmosphere!

    Help needed
    The Black Parade is well underway but we are currently only four people working on it. We have the whole mission design, objects and story covered, but we are lacking the talents for Thief 1 and 2-style briefings and voice acting. If you are interested in helping, please get in touch!
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    looks amazing

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    I haven't been this excited about anything in years. Do you have an approximate release date?

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    Pardon me, but holy shit Very exciting news!

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    Guess I'll 'ave a go.

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    By the way, if you need voice acting I could maybe give it a shot

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    Amazing news! Looks really good and I want to help with art

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    Wow, 10 missions that's impressive! Good classic thief feeling. Keep up the great work

    Regarding the help you're looking for, I've listed Lazarus in this thread as one who does movie briefings. He made some cool briefings in the old days and reappeared a few years ago for offerings. Follow the link to his thread for details.

    As for voice actors there's always this thread in case people don't apply here. You might want to consider reading through people's posts with descriptions and recording, and contact the voice actors you deem most appropiate for the characters you need.

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    Looks incredible, you guys have been busy. By the way, who are are the four authors/designers working on this?

    Btw, wow on that map, looks absolutely huge.

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    Awesome! I do a pretty decent guard2 impression if you need more in that voice.

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    As Fen would say: Oh man oh man OH MAN!

    Really excited about this

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    Thanks for the comments and offerings, everyone! Random_Taffer, your Guard2 impression will be very useful as there's a bunch of new guard conversations and he's my favorite. Also, wow, we've managed to wake The Phantom up! Good to see you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Azaran View Post
    Do you have an approximate release date?
    When it's done and not before!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Looks incredible, you guys have been busy. By the way, who are are the four authors/designers working on this?
    FireMage, Squadafroin and myself, plus a mysterious guest star.

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    This is incredible news. Those screen shots simply ooze Thiefy atmosphere!

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    Oh man oh man OH MAN!

    Looks awesome!

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    My mind is suppressing what my eyes are telling me looking at that initial post. This is beyond belief!
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    From the seedy slums of Whitebell, ruled by thugs and drunk beggars, to what secrets lies far under the grime-covered cobbled streets of Sootchime, I can say for sure that you'll be brought back to the old moody ambience of TDP, and for a very long time since the mission are frigging big and we did everything to keep you occupied in theses big maps

    ... However it's far from being complete, I'd say it's at 25-30% completion at the moment.

    In the meantime, here's a little game : we hinted some (small) plots for this campaign in our previous mission (The Chalice of Souls) and even as far as the oldest missions from Skacky.
    Can you guess them all ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skacky View Post

    FireMage, Squadafroin and myself, plus a mysterious guest star.
    I could probably formulate a guess or two.

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    There are so many things that are exciting here. Perhaps I'm most excited about the fact that it's a TG campaign. These are all too rare and I have no doubt you guys will do it justice. I'm just thrilled by this news! Good luck to you all.

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    This is exciting news, thanks for announcing it! I too can do decent guard and other voices and will be happy to help out when the time comes.

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    I'm very excited to see an ambitious campaign from the likes of skacky and co.. He's always made great atmospheric missions, so I'm very curious to see how a huge full fledged campaign will go down.

    Sadly I can't help with either the voice acting or the briefings, but you could try this site to find some good voice actors:

    Anyway, keep us posted.

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    10 missions, you are maniacs! Looks awesome though.
    Definitely try and raise Lazarus from the dead if you can, he is awesome at the briefings. I might be able to contribute the odd piece or two of 2d art if you are really stuck for that type of thing.

    All the best with this taffers

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    Coool...Looks amazing

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    This looks incredible! Wow! If you're after a voice actor I'd love to help in anyway I can. I've done work with DrK on Rocksbourg before and can do the voice of a guard or nobleman.

    I can also do a Garrett style voice (a bit subjective I know) which you can hear on this video:

    My friend made that briefing video as well and if you want I could talk to him and see if he is up for making some briefing videos for you guys?

    Let me know if you're interested in any of that

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    Sounds too good to be true! I love 'Between These Dark Walls' and am always up for Thief 1 inspired work.

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    skacky, what about The Long Shadow Falls?

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