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Thread: The Surge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malleus View Post
    Heavy armor has high stability. It lets you dodge out of some comboes that would otherwise stunlock you.
    I found a few places where it helped, but the stamina and core power penalties are steep, and some attacks seem to always stun regardless of your armor. I'm thinking in particular of the MG Cerberus (security guys with hammers) kick attack, which always stunned me and resulted in a follow-up swing for a ton of damage regardless of what armor I was using, the MG Gorgon (security with staff) block/counter, or the security robot leap. If it weren't for the core power costs I'd think it's probably balanced, but as it is you have to sacrifice a lot just to get better stun resistance against some attacks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malleus View Post
    Not sure about the 'weapons not following the rules' comment. Most weapons in the game have multi-hit attacks, you just have to know when to use them.
    Yeah, but there were a lot of times when all I wanted to do was dodge, hit, follow-up. Instead I can either do just one hit, or lock myself into the slow multi-hit animation and hope they don't swing back. I ended up using the twin-rigged weapons for most of the game just because their quick attacks make it a lot easier to avoid getting locked into an animation.

    I mean, I like that the combat system punishes you for overcommitting, but mandatory multi-hit animations feel very 'gamey'.

    Edit: Another example would be the stun/knockdown system. When an enemy stuns you, you wait out your stun animation while they hit with impunity. When you stun an enemy, they reel from the stun until you hit them, at which point they instantly stand up and can immediately attack. In effect your stun is on a timer, whereas theirs is on a timer or until they get hit. It's extremely annoying to stun an enemy and start a quick combo, only for him to do the instant-recovery after my first hit, interrupt my combo with a stunning attack, and then wallop me to death while I can't react. Once I figured out that this could happen it was fairly easy to avoid, but it's an illogical mechanic that doesn't seem to serve any purpose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malleus View Post
    And I personally loved the last area. It's a maze, yeah, but ... I guess I like mazes? I enjoyed putting the map together in my head to figure out where I've been and what leads where.
    I think I would have enjoyed it if I wasn't getting killed over and over again by the two new enemy types. The three-level design with the mobile ops center was a cool mechanic, and I liked how it dynamically changed the layout of the level. It's just hard to appreciate that when I have no idea where I'm supposed to be going and there's an extremely tough enemy (some with one-hit-kill attacks) waiting behind every corner.
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    I just got through playing the demo for this,'s not half bad. Yeah, it is something of a rip off of Dark Souls, but I don't understand all the bad reviews it's been getting. Does it start sucking later on in the game or something?

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    Bad reviews? I thought it got decent ones. IGN, GameSpot and Polygon all gave it 7-8, and it's 73 on Metacritic and Mostly Positive on Steam.

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    The Surge is in PS+ this month!

    so I guess I'll finally play it.

    I've been feeling a bit Soul'd-out ever since I couldn't even bother finishing Dark Souls 3. Sekiro is apparently super-difficult and parry-focused, which doesn't sound too appealing, but this? Yeah, I'll give this a whirl and see how I feel about it.

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    I'd absolutely recommend it (especially for free), as it's a great game, but be aware that it is one of the harder "soulslike" games. Not as hard as Sekiro, definitely, but it's less forgiving than the Dark Souls games.

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    I liked the beginning of the game, the initial revelation about the player character, and that fuuuuuuucked up surgery scene. Played for a few hours, got past the first boss fight, but then kinda ran out of steam. Yup I'm deffo soul'd out.

    Also this thing is 9 bucks on Steam right now if anyone is looking to pick it up.

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    Well I got this Steam first but never got past the first boss fight. Now that I've picked it up for free on the PS4 in finding it much easier which I think has something to do with the controller that I was using on the PC; deteriorated after getting through all the Soul's games.

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