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Thread: Distressing news :( *Update* May 17

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    Distressing news :( *Update* May 17

    I've just had a message from Lady Rowena's son to tell me that she is very, very ill and has been in hospital for several months. Please send any prayers or good energy you can manage her way. She's a lovely lady and has given us some fantastic fan missions over the years.

    I've been informed by Adriana's son that she passed away April 30th. We've lost an amazingly talented woman who's given us a number of fantastic FMs to enjoy and along the way, shown us what a kind and lovely lady she was. To me personally, she had become a friend, albeit not one I ever had the pleasure to meet in person. She will be missed by many. Most of all, of course, by her family. Her son was kind enough to take the time to let me know she was gone. He also said that he had read the thread and was very, very touched to know so many people cared about her.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with her. Here is to her recovery!

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    Lady Ro, get well soon. Whatever it is, I'm sure you can beat it. Everyone here is thinking of you and pulling for you. Take care.

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    I hope you get better Lady Rowena. Unfortunately, I never learned to know you. But i know one thing, you have done so many good FMs.

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    Oh, that's terrible news.
    Hope she recovers soon!

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    ...My sincerest wishes for a swift recovery Lady Rowena.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Praying for a full recovery for her, she's a lovely person and I hope she makes it through.

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    Sad news. Hopefully someone can find a healing potion.

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    Lady Rowena, I pray that you'll make a full recovery and that you may grace us with your presence again.

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    I too hope and pray you make a full recovery Lady Rowena.

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    Best wishes and Prayers...hope you make it back to good health soon!

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    I hope you'll get better soon. I will be praying for you.

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    Terrible news indeed. Spooky I just replayed Rowena's Curse a few days ago....well I still have to finish the last little bit. Get well Lady R.

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    I'm very sorry to hear that. Get well, Lady Rowena.

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Sad news indeed, my thoughts are with you, I hope you make a full recovery

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    I hope you get better Lady Rowena!

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    I hope you make a full recovery, Lady Rowena.

    Spot on, Chris.

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    I'm so sorry, I hope you get well soon, Lady Rowena.

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    Lady Rowena, all the best to you. May you get well very soon. Thank you for your wonderful FMs.

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    Hope youŽll recover Rowena, and hope to have you back at TTlg Forums.

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    Hope you recover soon Lady Rowena

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    i hope she gets 100% better,isent she the nice person who lost her husband a while back if so ,really terrible news,i shall replay all her missions in her honor

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    Hope she recovers I should go replay some of her missions

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    Prayers for Lady Ro and her family.

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    She has given us some pure classics. I'm gonna play Seven Sisters right now. Get well!

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