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Thread: Daaran's Building Pack 0.79 - BETA

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    Daaran's Building Pack 0.79 - BETA

    (Hey can I somehow force this to be displayed at original size?

    So some of you might have spotted it, are these Jason Otto's Buildings? Yes and No.
    Currently the main part of this pack are these models. With my current plan they will be ~40% of it at the end.
    Meanwhile it has beed some years since I asked JOtto for the original files of his building pack - with the goal to do what you will see now.


    •The goal of this Package is aside from being just building models is that the models are normed. What does that mean:
    a) Dimensions are mostly even
    b) More important, aside from having even dimensions on the outside they have nice dimensions inside as well. For example a standard wall has a 10x10 units dimension. The bottom trim is 2+1
    The models can align seamlessly to terrain brushes and each other. Means you can build a whole district out of them
    And due to the base of 10x10 you can easily scale them to fit other dimensions.

    •Secondly some might remember me talking about it somewhere else
    My goal was it to be able to enter the objects with the help of the (by myself) called breaking feature and fill the interior with brushes. For more info below.

    Norming them was sometimes a very tiresome work down to single vertices - afterwards I guess I should have build them scratch instead of using the original files. (here and there I did it)
    While the breaking feature works perfect with doors. Somehow it doesn't work at specific angles with windows. Need to get more into the theory and hopefully be able to improve it

    Ok now the sweet part. What's inside:


    •Family 1: Based on JOtto's Building Pack USES REPLACE TEXTURES -> check included family
    House01R to House06R
    House05Rb House05 with tower
    HousePartA to G Individual Parts to build your own House

    +Tower1(2)R One of them is the same as PartG. Towers are NOT in the screenshot. (To make the Wooden gate visible in the background, breaking feature was used as well)
    +ClocktowerR(2) Big Clocktower with replaceable Wall and pillars. 2: Additional Roof and Clock are replaceable as well.

    •Family 2:
    DHouse1 to DHouse?


    •House07A - Various Parts Parts also look good on the other families.
    See the other file House07ReadMe
    Multibrush House07.vbr included in the main folder!

    -> See Tower Screenshot above

    (Maybe more)

    Wins & Dors

    DoorBreaker Can cut holes in the wall textures to enter the buildings.
    JoDoor Based on JOttos Door with HDTexture
    JoWin1(2) JOttos windows as separate objs.
    DWin1-3 Dwin1/2 have the same shape like JoWin1/2 but with replaceable textures.
    House07Win1(2) DWin3 is a better Version of Win2

    Texures (If you know any other authors aside JOtto help me)
    A complete Family out of 25 seamless textures to assign
    Some windows
    Some others. Also experimental dirty/poor alternative textures for Family2

    More Info!!!
    Check the included ReadMe files how to correct and easily use House07
    and how to use the breacking feature. - (I need to think about that a bit more after 2 years to maybe explain the theory and hopefully find some improvements)


    Why is it BETA?
    Please take a look

    a) Until now I can't guarantee that the models are perfect like Little holes. Error in the Norm (thats important). UV Errors......
    Please take a look at them. I don't want it anymore.

    b) Well simply it's not finished. (still missing 2 or 3 old files and lets see how creative I will be)

    c)About the textures:
    Goal of Family 2 is to be a contrast to the nice family 1. A more shabby look. For example I included 3 other textures with a more stained/ desaturated look. Genetica is really nice here but hard to control/finetune.
    Do you want the textures to be replaceable, too?
    I might have to use another roof, wood beam texture. The resolution is not fitting in my opinon. And if I use a new one, the UVs need to be redone:erg

    d) Since I guess mostly nobody has experimented with the breaking feature (DoorBreaker.bin)
    I'm thinking if it would be helpful to make wood beams/roof visible on the inside too. Yes, No?

    e) I lost a lot of data and files due to, a new computer, 2 formatting, getting a new HD. I still tried to save/recover a lot, and I did but not all. (Still got very much to work with). For example I lost a file where I tried to keep track of my sources.

    f) There is a demo map included. BUT it's very far from good. Some stuff of it is still based on the older non normalized version of the pack. I just roughly brought it into shape. Need to take another look the alpha and rendering order. I'm sorry about this file but it's better than nothing.

    g) I maybe forgot to include stuff
    Not everything has a screenshot. Like Doors and wins.

    h) Naming conflicts.

    i) Somewhere through the progress a few normals flipped direction, I think I got them all but not 100% sure.
    Last and finally:
    DOWNLOAD - BETA Version 0.79
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    Okay updated to 0.79
    Second family included now.

    Think I should reduce the standard self illumination a bit more. Front building uses the standard one, the second with Renderer-SelfIllum 0.5

    Link updated in the first post and thanks to clearing for sharing it with darkfate

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    Very nice, thanks

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    These are wonderful! Thank you very much, Daaran!

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    Those buildings are wonderful Daraan

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    Anyone got problems with rendering or sth?

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    Wooh! More great stuff from the hand of Daaran. They look lovely. Makes me want to build more areas in my missions

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    Just read about the doorbreaker. Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

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