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Thread: NEW TDM MISSION - "King of Diamonds" (14th May 2016)

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    NEW TDM MISSION - "King of Diamonds" (14th May 2016)

    By "Spooks"

    Your accomplice is in over their heads and needs your help. It's the end of winter and the streets are quiet. Taverns, city watch, graveyards and pipes... you might even encounter a diamond!

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    Thank you!

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    Congrats on the release, Spooks!

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    The mission freezes when i do quick save.

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    I really need to get off my duff and start playing these awesome-looking missions.

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    I cannot get into that attic room, where the diamond is. I guess that the guy with the key is in there, i have waited and waited, for at least half an hour. I can hear someone near, i guess in the room. Talks like a hammer maybe. Is this a bug? Or how do i get him out of that room?

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