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Thread: T2 FM: Waterfront Racket (Updated 20 June 2016)

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    T2 FM: Waterfront Racket (Updated 20 June 2016)

    Tannar and I are thrilled to announce the release of Waterfront Racket, a film noir-inspired project which gives you the starring role as Sam Marlowe, Private Eye. You're hired by Vivian Sternwood, the wife of a wealthy shipping magnate, to look into her husband's doings, and in the process of doing so, get dragged into a web of deceit and murder.

    Updated to v1.1 on June 20, 2016
    • Version 1.1 adds English subtitles. Instructions for enabling them are in the readme. If you translate them, please email to Yandros for inclusion in future updates.
    • Some textures were converted to DDS format which shaved 61MB off of the ZIP file, and also makes the mission run better on older systems and consume less memory.
    • A few minor bug fixes.

    Important Notes - Please Read!

    Gameplay Information
    • This project is far removed from a traditional Thief mission; in fact, we took pains to remove as many things as possible which might remind you of the Thief universe. This includes gameplay, which is also unconventional - you will mostly be exploring, hunting for clues and unraveling the story. Your only tools are lockpicks and your eyes and ears; there are no weapons, potions or other tools of any kind. As such, the campaign plays more as an interactive movie than a typical mission, although there are several instances where you must be stealthy as part of the story, to avoid being caught somewhere Sam shouldn't be.
    • The general visual style is the traditional noir black and white, although punches of color are used to represent key characters and locations.
    • Besides the movies, there are numerous in-game cutscenes which convey the story. It is best not to save and load during these scenes to avoid issues. These cutscenes are presented in a mixture of first person and third person perspective. If you are in first person and a character appears to be waiting for you to do something, then take heed. Also, note that if you're talking to a character and decide to wander away during the conversation, chances are good that you will fail an objective.
    • After these cutscenes, you might find yourself moving uncontrollably in the direction you were moving when the scene started (most often forwards). This can be stopped by just pressing the same movement keys again.
    • Don't be in a hurry to carry out your objectives; take your time to explore, soaking in the atmosphere and appreciating the details. There are many small things which change from night to night, if you are observant; immerse yourself in the world.

    Technical Information
    • This campaign requires NewDark v1.24 or higher. All necessary custom scripts are included.
    • Disable any upgrades or enhancement packs, including the EP/EP2. Everything in this campaign is custom so they shouldn't affect anything anyway, but they were not heavily tested, so unexpected problems could occur.
    • One tester had a myriad of seemingly random sound issues until discovering that Audio Channels under Audio Options had been reduced to 4; increasing it to at least 12 resolved the problems.
    • IMPORTANT: If the first briefing movie doesn't play, quit immediately and resolve that issue or it will be difficult to follow or enjoy the story, which relies heavily on movies to convey both story and atmosphere. There are briefing movies before nights 1 and 3, and also there is a final cutscene movie after the third mission ends, so be sure to click Continue from the final debriefing screen.
    • You should confirm the following in your cam_ext.cfg file:
      • crop_movies is disabled (there is a semicolon in front of it)
      • no_unload_ffmpeg is enabled (there is NO semicolon in front of it)
    • At least two testers had movies play correctly when Thief 2 was launched, but stop playing during the course of playing through the campaign. A clue this is happening for you might be that the Success or Failure movies don't play at mission end. If this happens, we highly recommend you save, restart Thief 2, and then load the save and continue. This usually restored movies for the affected testers.
    • One tester deduced that having Windows Media Player or a browser open (Chrome in the known case) often prevented movies from playing, so you might try closing all media players and browser windows as well.

    Download (454MB)

    Dark Fate:



    South Quarter:

    High Quality Movies on YouTube
    Night 1 Briefing:
    Night 3 Briefing: TBD
    Final Movie: TBD

    Written Transcript of Cutscenes, Movies and Conversations

    Waterfront Racket Transcript

    Tannar and I extend our heartfelt thanks to the testers: Brethren, FreddyFox, Hipbreaker, Nickie, Nightwalker, Random_Taffer, and R Soul
    Their discoveries, suggestions and attention to detail made this a much better mission and improved the gameplay significantly.

    A sincere thanks also goes to SlyFoxx, Leigh Catlin and RandomTaffer for providing vitally important voice work.

    Special shout outs go to:
    • Gumdrop for releasing the abandoned base mission which inspired us (the interior of the warehouse)
    • LarryG for making all the custom AIs which made this thing possible
    • Necrobob for providing the black and white water texture with ripples, which adds so much to the atmosphere
    • Gort for making the telephones which are also key to the atmosphere
    • R Soul for going above and beyond by fixing numerous objects
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    Congrats on the release! A 'small' issue, though: the 7z archive is incomplete. It lacks the movies and snd folders, among others, and a lot of stuff is corrupted (jorge textures, no interface, etc). The zip archive however is fine.

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    Thanks for that, skacky! I removed the link until clearing has a chance to fix it. Tannar and I both downloaded and confirmed the ZIP before we announced, but neither of us checked the 7z file. Lesson learned.

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    Downloading. Will put a mirror up when done.

    root@host [~]# md5sum
    root@host [~]# md5sum Racket_v1-0.7z
    0e7a37f8abe2d1858fbf40e898c85308  Racket_v1-0.7z
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    Finally, thank you!

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    Congrats on the release!

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    Thank you, clearing! And thank you for hosting the mission.

    Quote Originally Posted by skacky View Post
    ...the 7z archive is incomplete. It lacks the movies and snd folders, among others, and a lot of stuff is corrupted (jorge textures, no interface, etc).
    I see nothing wrong with the 7z archive. Maybe you got a bad download. Or are you trying to play it in something other than FM Sel? I downloaded and played the 7z archive with no issues at all. I reinstated the link in the first post.

    Quote Originally Posted by derfy View Post
    Thanks for the mirror, derfy! I added it to the first post.

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    Are there difficulty levels?

    Thanks for this, it looks uniquely promising! I was almost born in the Forties.

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    Congrats! Will dive in it ASAP

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    There are difficulty levels, but they only affect the number of AI (and the usual player hit points). There are no additional objectives on higher difficulties.

    Thanks for all of the additional mirrors, you guys are great!

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    Congrats on getting this out, guys. Southquarter mirror here:

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    My native language isn't English. There is English transcription (or subtitles) of dialogues?

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    Tannar: my bad then, must've been a corrupt archive for some reason. I launched it through FMSel.
    Anyway, finished it. Excellent atmosphere and cool story and voice acting! I especially liked the police officer's voice in the cell block. And of course, top notch use of custom assets and noir aesthetics, the ambiance in the rainy streets and the club is outstanding. I always wanted to make a modern-ish urban FM and this one delivers in this aspect. The ending had me grinning too, I totally forgot about that necklace.

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    Heh, The Blue Room.


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    Excellent! I've been looking forward to this. Downloading now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clearing View Post
    My native language isn't English. There is English transcription (or subtitles) of dialogues?
    There are no subtitles, but I'm working on a transcript now.

    @ skacky: Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it.

    @ derfy: Glad you got the reference. We figured some folks would.

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    just finished missions wow it was amazing,cant wait to go back and just enjoy some of those areas to relax in

    are there any easter egg's/ secrets in missions external to main mission?
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    I also enjoyed it. I joined the beta testers at the later stages so what I first played was very close to what's been released, and I was happy to play it a few more times.

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    I don't know how to do NewDark subtitles, but I'll be more than happy to release updates with subtitles in various languages if those who know how can provide the files. But meanwhile, Tannar is working on a transcription which can easily be translated into other languages.

    @downwinder: There is a true easter egg on Night 1 only, and then there's a funny little thing that can happen if you start exploring too aggressively on any night.
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    ok ty i will be sure to spend massive time on maps as i loved it so much,you both did a super amazing job,and very little lag,if anything from weather i think,but nothing,my 200$ tower couldn't handle

    will post later my fav places in game as in shops/etc

    also i wanted to say the shop fronts are the most amazing thing ever even when i moved across the front the background moved accordingly=super impressive

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    Thanks to Yandros and Tannar for this fun set of missions. It was as you advertised, different. I played on expert and did not mind the ghosting. I was happy that I could be lit yellow (well light blue) and not be seen if far enough away. I wish you would have put those wall maps in the “map" and not just one the wall, but I managed.

    Rose by the door... Nice touch and sweet. I only know her as a great FM maker. Many of you knew her personally. My condolences to you, and her family. It was touching to see that added in.
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    Transcripts available

    I have made a transcript of all the cutscenes, conversations and movies in the mission. I included any comment that was crucial to progressing in the mission, but I did not include all the little, minor comments that Sam and the other characters make in certain situations. If you have a question about any of those, just let us know.

    Also, we used a lot of slang from the 1940s in the mission, so even with the transcript there may be something you don't understand, especially if English isn't your native language. So please feel free to ask about any of the slang or colloquialisms that confuse you.

    I saved the file in Rich Text Format, since almost all word processing programs will open it. If you need it in a different format, send me a PM. If anyone has trouble downloading it, let me know.

    You can download it here: Waterfront Racket Transcript

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    @ downwinder: Thanks, I'm glad you liked the mission and the details. I'm also glad you didn't experience any bad lag.

    Quote Originally Posted by bjack View Post
    Thanks to Yandros and Tannar for this fun set of missions... I wish you would have put those wall maps in the “map" and not just one the wall, but I managed.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. We didn't put the map in the map page because it didn't make sense for Sam to walk around with a map to his own neighborhood. Surely he would know it well enough not to need to carry a map.

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    Congratulations on the release! You all are in for a great experience

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    Congratulations Yandros and Tannar. Can't wait to get in there

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