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Thread: Arx - End of Sun (Beta) is out now!

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    Arx - End of Sun (Beta) is out now!

    Arx End of Sun (Beta):

    Originally a Doom 3 mod, it's now a standalone release. A sister project to The Dark Mod sharing some assets and code.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I remember reading about this years ago.

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    Very cool. Ill download and install over the weekend...

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    Arx EOS has an original storyline which loosely precedes the events of the original game. including RPG elements, problem solving puzzles, with faster paced melee and projectile weapons and a more forgiving magic casting system.

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    I have played this for a few days now, and while technically, one might call it playable, I don't think you can really complete it in this beta state. Several things do not work, especially the fires where you should be able to cook food. I have not found any way of doing so. And since I later on got a quest to cook raw fish for a troll, but were only able to put raw fish on a pole on the campfire marked with "!", yet couldn't cook it, this quest most likely can't be completed.

    There are other problems with the beta, such as frequent crashes when loading saved games as well as malfunctions concerning the health display.

    I think this beta clearly is in beta stage right now, so it might give players a good idea of whether they want to play this or not, but I would not exactly call it "playable" by now.

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    Man I've been waiting for this Mod ever since I heard about it in 2010.

    I'm so glad it's finally released.

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