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Thread: Strife Campaign Updated to New Dark 1.23

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    Strife Campaign Updated to New Dark 1.23

    Well, I finally got around to updating the Strife! campaign. It needs New Dark 1.23 or above to run. While there was a lot of minor improvements throughout, some of the more important fixes were:

    Added French translation. Thank you, Apiai.
    Fixed objective not ticking off in The Bailey (mission 11)
    Fixed broken lockbox in The Borderlands. (mission 9)
    Replaced the old-school water with high-rez DDS version.
    Deleted blackjack from player start inventory (one objective was "Find your BJ.") in Temple Ruins (mission 12).
    I could not duplicate the problem of getting stuck in the faux-reflective floors in Borderlands. Looks like New Dark may have fixed it for me.

    Here's the web page LINK.

    UPDATE: This campaign is now available in French.

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    Congratulations, Terry! Thanks for this update!

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    What a coincidence! I just finished playing through this campaign (and Return to Tarnhill) for the first time a couple of days ago!

    Now I've got an excuse to play them again!

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    I decided to play this again and had the same bug I had before in the baily. I never get credit for finding the time bolts. Can this be fixed by dml and put in t2fix like other fan mission fixes??

    I still enjoy playing this campaign. Now its off to Return to Tarnhill.

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    Which version? Download Link? Where's version 2? "" The author removed his website.

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    Thanks for the link

    All dead links to "" should be removed. There are billions of them.

    Stingm, Are we talking about version 2 or 1c?

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    I have version version 2 newer? I never knew about it.

    Edit: well I guess v2 is newer and fixes objective in baily...I will have to try it...sorry to have wasted your time.
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