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Thread: Necropolis

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    A spin on Souls mechanics with Journey-like graphics and procedural levels. The control layout is basically copy-pasted from DS, but the gameplay is maybe a bit more like Diablo? Even the drop animations seem to be a reference to that. Oh, and it's perma-death; the only thing that carries over are those tokens of favor that you exchange for some stuff. It also supports 3 player coop. My only question is, why the hell does it cost almost 30 EUR? :/

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    I only gave it a cursory glance, but it looks like something that could work well as a quick arcade version of DS. Could be good for short bursts when in the mood, but definitely not something that I would pay AUD ~$40 for.

    Skipping quickly through the video it doesn't look as though there is any opportunity to pick up different looking armour either.

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    Screenshots from Steam community hub show different armors, so I guess you can find or buy those at some point. The amount of negative reviews is worrying though.

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