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Thread: Essential Fallout New Vegas graphics mods?

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    FKA Buccura
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    Essential Fallout New Vegas graphics mods?

    Got bored of Fallout 4 so I uninstalled it and reinstalled Fallout New Vegas. Anyone know what graphics mod are good to get? Particularly ones that make the characters look better?

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    No personal experience, but according to (user: Many A True Nerd, Playing the JSawyer mod) the face ones tend to look uncanny (he tried one most recommended and got rid of it pretty quickly), but texture ones are generally good. But all that is personal preference and highly subjective - so, take a look.

    He lists all the mods he uses in description if you see something you like.

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    This guide is pretty intense, but it's also fairly clear on which mod does what; I found it a good compendium of what worthwhile mods are out there in all kinds of categories (graphics, gameplay etc.). Even if you end up just going for a handful of the suggested mods, it's worth checking out.

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