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Thread: Prey (2017) - Arkane Austin

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    Finished my replay of Prey. Still good! Tho it's definitely strongest in the early parts and it kinda started dragging towards the end. Trying to do every sidemission I came across was a mistake. This time I blew up the station and escaped with some of the crew. I've got a savegame near the end, think I'll go back and try getting the "just neutralize the typhon" ending. I think this is Arkane's best game storywise, and gameplaywise. It's just great all around!

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    Prey's greatest weakness, IMHO, is that there's not a single character on the station that I care whether they live or die. Everyone is either annoying or background noise.

    System Shock gave us freaking SHODAN.

    Prey gave us a mumbling fat guy.

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    Is there an Arkane game where the player character isn't the most interesting character? Looking back, it sure seems like most of the mystery/interest in their games is focused on the person you're controlling. The NPC's in Prey are also certainly weak compared to their other stuff, which seemed to have at least a few entertaining NPC's. I think the only character besides the protagonist and his brother that I even remember, 5 years later, is Danielle Sho and that has more to do with her name than her personality.

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