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Thread: Prey (2017) - Arkane Austin

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    Been awhile since I"ve been on the forum.

    Almost finished my Master's thesis. Hopefully by the end of the month. And now this Mooncrash expansion is released.

    I'll be the guinea pig. I'll let you guys know if it's any good. Looks pretty coooooool.

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    Haven't started Mooncrash yet but my 2nd run through Prey has been a joy.

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    OK, this has been nagging me for a while, so maybe someone has the answer: in Prey, when you enter Calvino's cabin in the Crew Quarters, you hear a background noise that I'm almost sure it's the same one that one hears somewhere in System Shock 2. As soon as I heard it, I was immediately reminded of SS2. I just can't place it exactly. Anyone noticed this too?

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it. It's in the Rickenbacker Bridge. Although it's not exactly the same, it's extremely similar.
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    Late to the party as usual, but Prey is so good, you guys. Sometimes games give me a certain feeling -- usually it happens a couple hours in, once I'm starting to get comfortable with the controls and setting, etc -- the sense of being in control of a complex system and the excitement of trying to figure it out creatively. I guess that means immersive sim. With Prey I think it happened when I realized I could use the gloo gun to put out fires and it actually worked.

    It's not that Prey gives you an unlimited number of ways to do things, but it's so relaxed in its expectations of you, and that makes it all the more interesting when, say, I get stuck because I can't get through a door and then remember that I can turn into a bar of soap to squeeze through or search for passcode or use a recycler to absorb the blockage. Or do none of those things and go somewhere else. The game doesn't seem to mind what I do either way, and that, ironically, is what makes it so much more engaging than a typical AAA game, that tries to make you aware of everything by shoving it in your face. I'm 30 hours in and not at all bored of it; I'm getting better at strategizing, but the enemies are still challenging. Had I played this in 2017, it would have been my favourite game of that year. It's certainly my favourite game of this year. And it's been said before, but Prey is far and away the true successor to System Shock 2.

    Has anyone played Mooncrash yet? I'm not always a fan of roguelikes, but in this case I could see it working given how in-depth the mechanics are.
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    At this point, are there any gameplay mods worth checking out? My playthrough petered out just after meeting the other survivors, I think mostly on account of not finding the combat particularly engaging. Might enjoy mixing it up a bit.

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    There aren't any noteworthy mods that I'm aware of. I would just make sure you're playing on the hardest difficulty like most other ImSims. I thought the combat was pretty great when it felt like the enemies were overpowering and it seemed like an achievement when I hit a point 3/4 through where I didn't have to run away from the hardest encounters.

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    Ha, I feel like that playing on Normal. After slogging (or I should say quicksaving/reloading) my way through Dishonoured 2's hard mode, I didn't want to repeat that experience. But I imagine Prey would be interesting at higher difficulties.

    So has anyone tried Mooncrash?

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    Not yet. Its on the todo list.

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    Wanted to share this video analysis of Prey I made. Game director Raphael Colantonio even commented on it and enjoyed it! Would love any feedback from my fellow immersive sim fans.

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    WOW Mooncrash is kicking my ass. I love it - the combination of roguelite, immsim and horror is right up my alley.

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    Denuvo removed from Prey 2.

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    We need a new Prey game already.

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