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Thread: Prey (2017) - Arkane Austin

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    Can you manually save? Please tell me you can.

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    Yep. Quicksaves and manual saves.

    It's very much SS2 by way of Bioshock's art deco aesthetic in space. I like my opening hours with it for all the reasons Neb outlined. It hasn't done anything to really surprise me so far, and it definitely doesn't have the sheer dread SS2 dripped with (exchanging that for quick bursts of tension when you get in a scrap), but in other respects it almost feels homey in its Shock-ness.

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    That might be a premature thing to say but so far it really feels like a spiritual successor to Shock2 done right. Like it's what BioShock was supposed to be. That might change as I'm very early into the game but as of right now I really like it. I'm excited to continue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicarious View Post
    That might be a premature thing to say but so far it really feels like a spiritual successor to Shock2 done right. Like it's what BioShock was supposed to be.
    Really? How so?

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    Systems-based gameplay, extensive exploration, open-ended design, ammo / resource scarcity, the constant sense of danger and of fighting the unknown, persistent gameworld and countless other features like that. It's not as hardcore as Shock2 but also nowhere near as mainstream and player-friendly like BioShock. Probably the closest thing to Shock2 that I've played yet.

    Keep in mind that I'm still early into the game. Maybe in the end it ends being trivial or run-of-the-mill or maybe I'm completly incompetent that even on Normal it's not a walk in the park for me... But those are my current impression.

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    I'm also getting a heavy SS2 spiritual successor vibe. It has materials-based crafting / upgrading, research, audio logs, nowhere feeling safe even after being cleared (with the upside of the re-spawning system, if there is one being completely opaque).

    It doesn't have the OTT caricature / cartoon vibe which annoyed me about Bioshock either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicarious View Post
    maybe I'm completely incompetent that even on Normal it's not a walk in the park for me...
    I always play immersive sims on the highest difficulty and the enemies are quite brutal on the nightmare difficulty in Prey. I didn't think either System Shock was that difficult on the highest difficulty as ammo was plentiful and you could pretty much take everyone on with your pistol ignoring most of the latter weapons. I was really surprised by how tough the the basic mimic enemies are even though I'm about five hours in. I have been taking my time though searching every nook and cranny but am really digging it so far. It definitely feels like a worthy spiritual successor to System Shock 2. I'm hoping the overall difficulty and sense of powerlessness continues throughout the game as its a welcome change to most immersive sims that can quickly become power fantasies once you have all the right equipment. Granted, I still haven't gotten any of the psi powers yet so that may very well change the flow of the game but I feel like the enemies are already getting tougher. I'm just about to go to the psi section where I assume I'll get my psi powers but the basic mimic characters are already stronger. My character gets winded before I can finish one off with the wrench now and they seem quicker to kill me than the mimics initially were although they were just as deadly at the beginning especially if you fought several at once. I've mostly been sneaking and using stealth to completely avoid fighting the phantoms though. I'm really curious to see where this game ends up going as I'm having a blast so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDF121 View Post
    I always play immersive sims on the highest difficulty
    I used to do that too but I've realized that it's actually hurting my experience with unnecessary frustration. On the first playthrough I want to focus on more than just dying all the time.

    Anyway, this game is stunning, it just keeps getting better and better. PLEASE do not turn into crap at some point...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicarious View Post
    I used to do that too but I've realized that it's actually hurting my experience with unnecessary frustration.
    I can understand that sentiment. I certainly had that issue with the beginning of Dishonored 2 and Mankind Divided attempting a non lethal play through. Although I'm getting killed left and right in Prey I'm still finding it enjoyable because I have to get real creative with how I navigate through the levels or ration my items. There were a few moments where I thought I was simply screwed and should restart but then I would scrape by and continue. It's been a lot of trial and error and quick save has been a god send but its still pretty fun despite getting my ass handed to me. I'm really enjoying this game though and hope it doesn't fall apart towards the end. I'm just surprised by the length and depth of everything as well. I thought I would have been finished with the game by now but I think I'm only halfway through.

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    I haven't played Prey yet, but for me it seems the major difference between it and D2/DXMD regarding difficulty is that you can use stealth in the latter two. That allows for a more safe playstyle regardless of difficulty, while in Prey you have to do combat, like in SS2. This is why I started D2/DXMD on the highest difficulty right away, but I'll probably play Prey on the easiest when I get around to it.

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    Haven't logged in since I don't know when but guys, don't hesitate one bit. Do not dawdle. Prey is the new Shock we've been waiting for, with emphasis on new.

    That circular intro screen. The neuromods. The research and crafting. The interconnected decks. The looking glass servers. The friggin' grav shafts (which enemies happily use)!

    But it's not just a rehash, it takes what made the second game great and RUNS WITH IT. Reviewers citing BioShock as the chief influence clearly missed the point. Sure, there are shades of Rapture but it's Shock 2 first and foremost, with added saltiness. I'm 40 hours in – about halfway through I'd guess – and completely mesmerized. The only thing missing is Terri Brosius (Russell has a cameo btw).

    While I'm obviously looking forward to what's Neurath & co. cooking up in OtherSide, I hope they follow a different direction because they can't possibly top this humongous production. What. A. Game.

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    It sure feels like SS2, but watching the videos I also often thought "Half-life". Maybe it's the color palette here and there. Anyway, will be playing it tonight

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    Something about it reminds me of Half-Life as well, it might be the kinda blocky art style or the character design or something.

    Anyway only a little bit into it and it's fab so far. I'm also finding it more than a little intimidating; as far as I can tell the station is massive and I've repeatedly found myself in places I clearly can't handle this early in the game. And that was just going somewhere to finish the very first sidequest.

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    To anyone and everyone playing - how's the stealth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abysmal View Post
    Arkane doing what they do best: making games that (too) distinctly resemble other games instead of developing their own ideas or style. This kind of "safe" approach results in some pretty decent games overall, but this company could be so much more if they found the courage to take some actual creative leaps (what ever happened to The Crossing?) in order to be regarded as the next-in-line brilliant development house they aspire to be instead of merely aping those past inspirations. The talent sure is there.
    AFAIK, Arkane consists of ex Looking Glass / Ion Storm employees, so they're not aping anything, because people who work there developed immersive sims and the whole design philosophy that Arcane lives by to this day.

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    I was just mulling over that today - Arkane's got people like Harvey Smith who arguably had more of a systems and gameplay designer specialty back in the Origin/LGS/IS days, which is a good fit for the kind of emergent simulation-driven experiences they like to create. Levine was obviously the storyteller of the bunch, and Spector was sort of a more rounded version of both.

    Now that they're all doing their own thing, you can see them employing their strengths: Arkane's games like Prey and Dishonored are compelling to play except that, despite all the lore and detail they put in, they really aren't great at storytelling; Levine's approach is like the inverse of that - he knows how to employ dramatic heft and has the skills to tell a strong story, but game systems aren't his forte. I haven't played Spector's stuff from JP, but I'm guessing there was more to Epic Mickey than just fanciful cartoon fantasy.

    Just puts it all in relief, really: it was lightning in a bottle, having all of those minds around at the same time, co-developing games like Thief.

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    I think the only person working at Arkane with direct ties to LGS is Harvey Smith. I haven't played Prey yet, but I think Dishonored is unique enough that Arkane should be comfortable that they're not just plagiarizing old LGS games. Are Dishonored and Thief all that similar? Not really. There's stealth, but it's not the primary focus and it's not nearly as sophisticated as Thief. It certainly borrow elements from the game, but devs have been doing that in games for years.

    In regards to building a legacy, give them a chance. They're only on their 5th game at this point.

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    As for Prey's stealth: it's, uh, complicated. Your standard enemy is one that hides from you, so you need to be on the offensive when it comes to those jerks. The bigger ones and drones can be stealth'd via a Dishonored style LOS system, but it's a bit iffy as to what their sight ranges are at times. Each enemy also has a detection meter above them to make it clear if you're about to blow your cover. All of that comes together as stealth that's not really compelling for me, but it's more or less functional.

    Also, you can lean. Arkane always gets bonus points for that.

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    I think I read somewhere that they ditched Thief (i.e. light-based) stealth in Dishonored on purpose, because they felt it limited them aesthetically and design-wise. Since they managed to keep other aspects of the game interesting, I didn't mind it that much.

    Edit: RPS review – recommended badge:

    Edit 2, regarding latest Bethesda shenanigans and no-review policy: I bought the game today, and I still got the "Thank you for pre-ordering the game" message. Saying fuck you to journalists and consumers is one thing, but this just fabricating the statistics to push the agenda that pre-order culture is a must. Looks like I will buy my next Bethesda game at least a month after launch.
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    I have no problem with Arkane games being similiar to LGS stuff (at least so far). Honestly, how can I complain? I was sure we'd never see a game like this ever again, especially from a AAA developer. Yet here we are. Last year I wrote that post about how great a lot of the new games are and this is another example of that. Exciting times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulphur View Post
    I haven't played Spector's stuff from JP, but I'm guessing there was more to Epic Mickey than just fanciful cartoon fantasy.
    Y'know how a lot of DX, DX:IW, and T:DS seemed unpolished? That's the Spector touch for ya'...

    Quote Originally Posted by Abysmal View Post
    Okay, well my fingers are crossed that their next IP shows us something wholly original...
    I'd rather they didn't. It's not like they aren't bringing interesting mechanics to each game. If anything, they could use some better writers. It would be a pity if they threw out what they're good at.

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    They've done a whalepunk version of Deus Ex, I'd kinda like to see them do a cyberpunk version of Thief at some point. A stealth-suit that makes the wearer invisible in darkness, a protagonist trained by the invisible hand who breaks free and provides for himself by breaking into corporations and whatnot, gets himself inadvertently involved in some war between humanists and corporate techno fascists, etc. Make it happen.
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    Has this been pretty smooth sailing performance wise?

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    For me, yes - and I was one of the people hit hard by the Dishonored 2 release.

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    Yeah, it runs great. Although I don't think it looks anywhere near as good as DH2, either.

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