While I've been playing Outer Wilds for a while now, it's only been the last two weeks or so that I've discovered how best to play it. Has anyone else here played it or is doing so at the moment? I'm finding that Outer Wilds may just be the best, most interesting, most original exploration game I've played in a long time.

I enjoy exploration in general, but so many games - even big titles like Skyrim - basically give you predictable things over and over, though with reasonably epic presentation. Outer Wilds, on the other hand, presents you with a relatively small solar system (what glorious gaming times we live in when a solar system is small), but its various planets have personality: the storm-torn giant, the hourglass twins, the cracked shell of a planet collapsing into the black hole at its centre...

What makes it work especially well, though, is the way the game's world is used to evoke emotions, of solitude and desolation, but also of small moments of hope and heroism. I have no idea how far I am in terms of understanding the underlying story and its mysteries, but this game is pulling me in much more than practically any story-heavy RPG I've played over the last decade or so.

So, are there any other explorers out there? Did you enjoy the game? What worked best for you?

Warning: It's too easy to spoil some of the game's most striking moments, so it may be worth using spoilers, in case anyone stops by who's interested in Outer Wilds but hasn't played it yet.