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Thread: UPDATE: T2FM "The Heart Of Gems: Night Of The Red Moon" v1.24 NewDark "31.10.2016"

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Terra- View Post
    Are you using FMsel?
    Upload Fm Darkload, then usually T2 exe..

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    I see.. I think There Are Problems with this FM when you Play with darkloader.
    I think FMsel is Better for this FM. In The betatest there was a testing with darkloader, and it dosen't work 100%.

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    Love this mission, everything is wonderful and the ambient is awesome specially around the town. Well Done.

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    Finished!!!, Hope for an squel. Congratulations, that was a very inmersive mission.

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    Thanks caqo and MayheM.
    Yes there will be a Sequel, The Soul of Gems upcoming in 2017/18

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    This was a fun one. If I might offer some criticism it'd be nice if some of the items you need to collect were a little more logically placed - as is you just kinda have to accept that, for instance, the fire where you drop the fake ashes would have had to be set up by the mage that swapped the remains, and it's not clear why that would give you access to a candle. Makes it hard to know where to look, even if you know you need, say, a candle or a scepter.

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    I enjoyed this mission a lot. It looks great and I experienced no glitches or anything. Had to get some help from here, as there were several things I didn't manage to find:

    - shovel (pretty bad miss from me, as there was a hint. Somehow, but I pictured for myself that it should be inside one of those large open crates. Not sure why...)
    - the patches where to dig and where to use the ladder. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have found those after several more hours of play...*
    - ladder (also stupid - I had written off that particular manhole as 'non-frobabble'. Probably a mix-up with another manhole)
    - (although not crucial) keys for warehouse office (missed the frobbable coat hanger) and for chest by Basso

    * Most of my missed stuff (especially those ground patches) is due to me preferring quite a dark setting for my first run. I know it often comes back to bite me, but the playing experience is so much better when it's dark...

    My 'virgin' no-reloads run went on for almost 4.5 hours. That's when I decided to test what these 'acid arrows' could do to the undead in the tomb. Aimed at the stationary one downstairs, didn't know that the little fence by the stairs had an invisble wall above it. Stood right next to the fence and fired. Splat! Not fair, imo...

    Had to do some serious backtracking because I didn't have the first lockpick for a very long time, and (for a shorter time) then the same with the second. Also took me a long time to find any melee weapons. Probably would never have found the axe if not for the help here. Felt like there were literally a hundred trees in that forest.

    BTW, I recognized that very pleasant city ambient sound from at least one other mission. Does anybody know which mission that is, or other missions where it is used?
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    I have three sceptres. I need one more. Where is it?

    Nevermind. I found them all at last
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    I am missing one scepter and one candle. I checked the topic, and nothing sticks out so can anyone list the locations of them all?

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    Locations of candles and sceptres: Well, this is going to be a very long post...

    a) Candles in candlesticks: See post #139.

    b) Ritual Candles (no candlesticks):

    First candle:

    You need to find and satiate the hungry burrick in a city quarter very close to the one where you entered the city. The burrick sits in a small alcove. If you found it, climb over the nearby wall by using ladders and/or crates. Around the next corner there's a balcony-like structure attached to a building, and a guard is patrolling there (unless you've already shown him what your blackjack replacement is for). Opposite the balcony you can see a long ledge leading to an open window. Climb inside and look for something edible (a chain of sausages, I think). Use that with the burrick, and a key labeled "???" should appear in its mouth. Take it.

    You also have to find a lion's head high up on a wall and "give" something to it as well. There are two lion heads in the city; the one you need is located in the city section adjacent to the one with the hungry burrick. To the right of the house where someone wants his books back, you should find a ladder leading up. On the elevated walkway, you should see the lion's head mounted on the wall to your left.

    What the lion's head needs is a portion of water. The right one looks like a water crystal, yet will not go into your inventory as a water arrow, but rather as a single piece or crystal of water. To find this special water crystal, go back to the section with the hungry burrick and enter the house nearby, where a black carriage stands before an open window. Get in through the window and look for the water crystal. I think it's near a plant pot. Use the crystal with the lion's head, and another key marked "???" should appear.

    After you have both keys marked "???" from the hungry burrick and the lion's head, go back to the balcony-like structure in the section adjacent to the one with the burrick. Go to one end of the balcony structure to find a small passage to another city section. Go through it and turn left. Near a carriage there should be a ladder attached to the wall, leading up towards a ledge before three open windows. A big "Thieves welcome!" sign, so step in and check the place out. A metal door with two locks on either side looks just like the right answer to the two keys in your pockets, and indeed, these keys open that door. Behind it, there's a room with a chest containing one of the ritual candles.

    Second candle:

    You will find the second candle shortly after you have used all four scepters. It's in a chest nearby, then. See below in the scepters section for details.

    Third candle, ashes to ashes, and third scepter:

    There's a house somewhere in the city, most likely not far from the section where you have to do something to a lion's head, in which there is a puzzle involving an obelisk which has to be pierced with something, according to the words appearing on-screen once you frob that obelisk. The room also contains a book with some information about the Heart of Gems. Anyway, you have to solve that riddle in order to get your third candle. First, you have to find a sword in another house nearby. It's placed in a chest and will not go into your inventory as a weapon, but as an item. Take it back to the obelisk and put it in. A small concealed door near the floor opens.

    Creep through, and you will see two statues and a fire. One of the statues introduces you to the next puzzle: Some liar shall be burned, or something like that. Unfortunately, this involves another quest, the one which will yield the Trickster's ashes. You need to get them, then burn them in the fire.

    To obtain these ashes, you must embark on another lengthy trip. First, travel through the whole city until you reach the last quarter, marked by a black statue in the center, depicting a hooded man. In one of the corners of this quarter, there should be a backyard with a guard in it. Get rid of him by using your blackjack replacement, then climb over the crates there and onto the city wall. Turn to the left and gain access to an attic, then climb down into the shop below. You will find one scepter there (the third one I found) and a book hinting at a shovel hidden near some crates. You need that shovel.

    Go back to the backyard with the now inactive guard, then enter the room below the city wall. Crates - just what you were looking for! Behind one of them, there's the shovel we came here for. Take it. Make a mental note of the sewer hatch in that room for later.

    Leave the city section with the hooded statue again, and in the next one, there should be a second city gate leading outside the city. There are guards outside, so use your frying pan whenever necessary. Head to the left after going through the gate, then travel to the far end of the section there to find a small patch of earth which lights up if you get close. It looks like a place for sleeping, but instead, it is meant for digging. Someone has buried something here. Upon digging in the dirt, you shall discover an urn containing the Master's ashes. Hmmm... no, these are not the ones you'll need, but you're nevertheless on the right path.

    Now, walk back towards the city gate, but then continue on to the other end of the section outside the city. Two drunk guards are having a party there. Pacify them with your frying pan if necessary, but what really interests you are these pretty flowers behind a fence there. No, I'm not kidding - one of these flowers can be plucked, and once you have it in your inventory, you're done here.

    Go back into the city now to deal with the crypt puzzle.

    I do not remember exactly where the crypt is located, but it's on the edge of one of the city squares not too far from the second city gate. The door is marked with a hammer sign. But you need the key to it. Fortunately, it's in an adjacent house, and you can climb up said house with an attached ladder and/or large crates placed there. Snatch the key (probably marked "crypt key" or something similar), then unlock the Hammer door below.

    Go through the crypt and kill the mutated Haunts in there if needed. You will find a gate with an inscription on a floor plate saying something about a master. Two bowls have to be used with something. This something turns out to be a powder producing smoke. In the crypt area, there are two sections on opposite sides where you have to jump across gaps between platforms. On each end of these sections, you should obtain one sack with that powder. Get both, then go back to the bowls and use the sacks with them. If a sack is not "accepted" by one of the bowls, use the other sack instead.

    Once it's smoking enough in here, the gate opens. The next puzzle awaits.

    You have to use the right items with the four counterparts here. There are two metal thingys to the right and left of the fence before the burial site; these accept the candles with candlesticks mentioned above. A metal plate before the fence should be used with your flower, and a somewhat smaller plate begind the fence accepts the Master's ashes. You get the Trickster's ashes instead. Finally!

    Now that you have the Trickster's ashes, you can go back to the place where there's a statue babbling about "liars" which have to be burnt. Although the Trickster's ashes may already been burned somehow, it won't hurt to burn them again. So, haul your ass as well as these ashes back to that statue, use the Trickster's ashes with the fire there, and a door between both statues in the room should open. Behind that door, you should finally find your third candle.

    Fourth candle and the Order hideout:

    The fourth candle is in the possession of the strange order mentioned in the info file of the mission. To find their hideout, you have to obtain a ladder first. This ladder is located in the last city quarter, the one with the hooded statue in its center. There's a sewer hatch on the main square there, leading to a spider-infested room below. Somewhere in there, you can get your ladder. Another item that goes into your pockets. Erm, well, maybe not your pockets this time.

    Anyway, with that ladder in your posession, you can travel back through the whole city towards the point where you first entered it. Go outside, then travel ahead, and if there is more than one way to go, always take the right one. You shall reach a closed gate after a while, but there's a square-shaped patch of earth near the right side of that gate. The patch lights up once you get close, and here's where your ladder comes in handy. Use it with the patch, then climb over the gate. Grab the Slowfall potion up there, then use it to get down without loss of health on the other side.

    Follow the rock face to your right for a while until you reach a section with a glowing mushroom and a tree. A somewhat lighter, grey patch or stripe on the ground can be seen. Inspect the location where the patch meets the wall to discover a passage there. Get through to reach the Order's hideout.

    The Order consists of mages babbling rubbish, but otherwise they appear to be sane. As sane as these crazy mages can be, anyway. Find their building (reminds me of a church somehow), then sneak around it until you reach the back door (the smaller one without mage guards before it). Step in without knocking and make sure you grab that potion of Invisibility sitting on the table there. When you have to battle the Beast the legends speak of, you might need this potion. But I digress.

    After grabbing everything your greedy hands can reach in that room, sneak through the whole hideout and thoroughly search the place. You should find four talismans. The fire talisman is hidden in a mage's chest, the earth talisman waits for you in a tower only accessible from outside the main building, the water talisman sits in another chest found in the library, and the air talisman dies of boredom in a house on top of the main building. The ladder to the top of the building might evade your eyes; it's on the opposite side of the room where two doors lead into the library.

    Once you're up there with all four talismans, go to the far end of the roof, where four faces await the talismans (or talismen maybe?). A warning sign hints at that one might have to move quickly inside. After you open the door with the talismans, you see several floating platforms inside as well as some hovering eyes as well. Try not to remain in their field of vision for too long unless you like to be fried with magical projectiles. Jump and mantle until you reach the top platform, snatch the last of the four ritual candles from there, and get back down and outside in one piece.

    To get back to the city now, backtrack the path you took to the Order until you go through the passage in the rocks again and reach the space with the mushroom, the tree and the grey patch on the ground. Follow that patch in order to discover another (almost invisible) passage past its end, next to a red glowing rock. Climb through the passage, crouch at the end, then crawl forward until you drop down. With a bit of luck, the fall won't even hurt you. Continue backtracking until you reach the first city gate again.

    You should now have at least three of the four ritual candles. If you still miss the second one, then you most likely have not found and used the four scepters, so let's talk about these now.

    c) The four scepters and where to use them (and where you get that second candle):

    First scepter: My memory is very vague on that one. First, I once found a key labeled "???" in a house somewhere not too far from the first city section. It's not one of the keys obtained from the hungry burrick and the lion's head. Later on, I found a house with one room in the dark where a sound of screeching wood could be heard upon entering. An unlit torch on the wall is a switch which makes a bookcase slide away. In the even darker room beyond, you can see a ghostly figure appear and disappear near a murdered human. Garrett says something there. A chest in this room can be unlocked with the "???" key, and the first scepter falls into your lap.

    Second scepter: In the last city section, the one with the hooded statue in the center, there is a blacksmith's house on one side of the square. It's next to where you find your second lockpick replacement. The smith himself just found out how deadly a sword can be, and there's a nice inscription written in blood on the wall for Garrett. Great. Anyway, search the place, and you will find a small metal box on top of the oven in the other room. The key inside opens the chest in the room with the dead smith, and inside waits your second scepter.

    Third scepter: As mentioned above, you find a scepter in another shop in the last city section after dealing with an annoying guard in a backyard there and climbing over some crates. This I call the third one.

    Fourth scepter: This one is located in a chest in the crypts. It's on the lowest level, I think, with a mutated Haunt nearby. You need the second lockpick replacement to open the chest.

    Using the scepters and obtaining the second ritual candle:

    Once you have all four scepters, head to the last city section again if you're not already there. Go to the backyard where the guard met with your frying pan earlier. The room below or inside the city wall has a sewer hatch inside, and now it's time to open it and get through. In the rooms below, four statues await your scepters. Once again, should a scepter not be accepted by one of the statues, just try the other ones until all statues have got one scepter.

    After that, the magical barrier in the room will vanish. Two chests behind it can now be plundered, and one of them contains the second ritual candle, as mentioned above briefly. A nasty looking purple sword here in the room should be grabbed as well before you leave. (I think it satisfies one of your objectives, but I'm not sure anymore.)

    So much about two candlesticks, the four candles, four scepters and everything else related to it.
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    @ jiansonz

    its from Drk "A Night in Rocksbourg"

    thanks baeuchlein for the work, it will help the players to solve this FM.

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    I don't know how to deal with the beast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vera View Post
    I don't know how to deal with the beast.
    Others may have different ideas, but I described what worked for me in post #88.

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    I found another way of killing the beast. I stood next to the wall behind the pillar on the right side of the barrier. The beast couldn't reach me because of invisible barrier. I could hit it with the axe.

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    Thanks, baeuchlein! I feel kind of embarrassed that the candle I was missing was the first one you listed

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    I am getting ready to find the final candle in the Guild area, as well as the Earth talisman. I inserted Water, Air & Fire into the proper spots, just need the earth one to get inside. Any ideas?
    edit: Saw the long earlier post w/spoilers.... nvm, going to find that place now to get the earth talisman.

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    Thank you for this amazing mission. One of the absolutely best looking of all times.
    It was a thrill to play. Great atmosphere and great textures.

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    thanks for playing

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    is there anyone kind enough to make a you tube lets play of this mission as i am poor and will never be able to run this mission on my pos comp

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    Great job Terra! I loved this one, and can't wait until the sequel.

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    Any walkthroughs / videos to come? I'm really enjoying this but too many objects to be found, 4+ hours game so far.....
    Hey Fen Phoenix, this one is for you.......
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    I am having a spot of trouble locating either the second candle and one last scepter. the area near the place described as a back yard in the back part of the city with the dark statue.

    Are there any useable crates to get over the fence overlooked by a practice dummy? I can hear guards back there near an office next to a metal gate but can't seem to figure out how to get there.

    I already have three scepters and three thick candles placed where they belong in their receptors in two different parts of town.

    Thanks for any help or hints.

    Great mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldMeat View Post
    I am having a spot of trouble locating either the second candle and one last scepter. the area near the place described as a back yard in the back part of the city with the dark statue.

    Are there any useable crates to get over the fence overlooked by a practice dummy? I can hear guards back there near an office next to a metal gate but can't seem to figure out how to get there.
    In the last city section, the one on the southern end of the city, the back yard lies in the southwest corner of that section. The passage into the back yard is small and can be easily overlooked; it starts near a house with some yellowish square sign or emblem high up and two lanterns on the right and left edge of the stairs. If you go through this passage, you should reach the southwest corner of that city section where a statue on the western wall and a guard near that statue will catch your eye. A large entrance to a space below the city wall is there, and to the left and before the entrance, there are two large crates near the wall of the house to the left (east). These crates cannot be carried around, but they can be climbed. By doing so, you can then jump and mantle onto the wall to the east, then walk southward towards a fence on top of the city wall. Once you stand before the fence, there's a tower to your right (in the SW corner of the city section here), and you can see a practice dummy in an open window of that tower. But instead of going west towards this tower, you need to go east, and will then discover a window to the north, which allows you to enter an attic. There is a ladder leading down into a shop. The third (in my playthrough) scepter can be found in that shop, and there's a book on the counter hinting at a shovel somewhere nearby.

    If you have all scepters and wish to use them, go back into the back yard and travel through the large entrance in the south wall. The room there should contain more large crates as well as one sewer hatch, and down there, your scepters can be put to good use.

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    Here is a loot and key items list for the mission.


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    Nice Work Sagittal.

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