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Thread: Almost Epic Adventures : The Goblin's Week [PC]

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    Almost Epic Adventures™ : The Goblin's Week | Wild Mage Games

    Hello dear Looking Glass fans,

    I am an independent game developer. I founded Wild Mage Games 2 years ago, and since then I have been working on a first-person adventure game for PC.

    Since my game is inspired from Thief and Deus Ex, I thought some of you may be interested.

    The game is still in development, and should be released at the end of 2017.

    I will really be pleased to have your feedbacks . :-)


    Almost Epic Adventures™ : The Goblin's Week is a first person adventure-exploration game where you play a goblin minion working for an evil dungeon master within a satirical fantasy world.

    The game is now on Steam Greenlight.
    You can support me by voting for it here:


    You are a goblin who has just been hired for a week as a minion in a dungeon, for a salary of a thousand gold coins. You will have to perform various missions for the Master, such as sweeping the floor, repairing traps, looting dead adventurers, without dying. It is especially forbidden to snoop into the dungeon and to investigate its terrible secrets.


    - Play a Goblin working for an evil mage in an epic* adventure like you never lived before, and discover the joys of dungeon maintenance. (*almost)
    - Discover an original satirical dark fantasy world filled with humorous dialogues, characters, and objects.
    - Explore a dangerous dungeon full of hidden paths, secret rooms, and mysteries.
    - Investigate what is happening in the dungeon. Sneak in forbidden places, avoid deadly traps, read confidential journals, and discover terrible secrets.
    - The simulation-based mechanics and the complex and open level design offers multiple paths and solutions.
    - The game mechanics are inspired from Amnesia - The Dark Descent (for the exploration gameplay), Thief (for the stealth gameplay) and Deus Ex (for the systemic gameplay).


    More Informations

    The game is made for PC (Linux, Windows).

    For more informations, I invite you to look at the presentation page, which is much more detailed :

    Follow me

    If you are interested in this project, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Newsletter, and/or to follow me on Diaspora *, Facebook, or Twitter.
    Wild Mage Games
    Wild Mage Games on twitter
    Wild Mage Games on Facebook
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    Heeeeey, this looks good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Heeeeey, this looks good!
    Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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    Nice consistent art style and it looks like it could be fun to play too.

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    Love the art style. Looks like a fun game. I would play this.

    I wonder if you'd get into trouble over the Styx goblin character though.

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    Looks great. Out of interest, what will you be working on between now and the release date? Art, systems, bug fixes, new areas etc?

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    I like the way you can control the door, opening it just enough to peek through and quickly closing it again when someone looks.

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    haha love the intro with the epic music that suddenly cuts out. Upvoted on greenlight. Best of Luck!

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    Hello everybody.

    Thank you all for your votes and feedbacks. It means a lot

    For Styx it was only a nod in the trailer, it is not the actual goblin name. And I think it would be anyway considered as satire.

    Concerning the game, I am going to work on a lot of things.
    • Currently the demo is 3 hours long and playtesters say it is "fun", but there is a lot to to in order to have a complete and saleable game.
    • I consider that the art style is well established, even if I need to rework some models and create new assets.
    • All the gameplay bricks are done and almost all of them are working well, but I need to make them work better together and the AI needs improvements.
    • I have to rework the level layout because the actual one does not make use enough of the gameplay potential, and to create the missing areas.
    • Only 1/3 of the story (already written) is currently in the game, so I have to make the rest.
    • A lot of things I probably underestimate: better game music and sounds, localisation, ...

    But the top priority tasks are:
    • I have to sell my code as Unity Assets to gain enough money to actually finish the game.
    • I have todo much more marketing, because nobody knows that my game exists and currently I am not even sure to be greenlit.
    • I need to improve the game performances. Indeed, I want most of the game objects to be interactive and it has bad consequences on physics and batching, and I reached the limits of Unity. I have to implement a level streaming system, and other stuff.

    Hum.. so a LOT of things

    If you are interested I send each month newsletter detailing all of this, do not hesitate to subscribe (
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    Why not do a Kickstarter? With a video like that, I'd be VERY surprised if it wasn't a success. That way you truly know if you've got a potential hit on your hands or not.

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    You are right. I started looking at the Kickstarter process. I am less confident than you, but thank you for believing in my hypothetical campaign success

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    Well I'm obviously not guaranteeing success , but I think your video gives a good impression of what to expect. For me at least I think that the gameplay is quite original and shows a lot of promise.

    Via Kickstarter you could possibly gain whatever $$$ total you were thinking you may need + via the wonders of stretch goals you may be able to bring in extra help (assuming you know of people who could assist you in areas you may not be good at / or would need the extra help in-order to do any extra content unlocked via the stretch goals). Plus it's a great way to see of the communities interest in your game.

    If you do go this route I'd HIGHLY recommend posting about it here as far more eyes will see it, and thus possibly promote it. Quite a vibrant Kickstarter backing lot over there. Here also, but over there, there is just a higher amount of viewers. Might even get an article on the site which could mean further backing.

    And that's my 5 cents.

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    Thanks again Icemann for all these advices

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    Your welcome. Best of luck to you .

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    Good news, everyone! Almost Epic Adventures: The Goblin's Week has been Greenlit!

    I really want to thanks everybody who supported my project on Steam and/or took the time to give me some feedback
    I was especially happy to see that the game concept interested some of you, and that my target audience may really exists

    What's next? I am working hard on the first alpha version that will cover the first days of the week.
    After that I may try to run a Kickstarter to be able to work with a few contractors to improve the game.

    In any case, I will keep you informed

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    That was quick. You did well on Greenlight! Took Glade Raid about nine months to get through...

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    Took 4 years for Bipolar Game to get greenlit.

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    Thank you all

    It was quick, but the vote results were not so good compared to similar games.
    The Greenlit process is pretty obscure so I have no clue why it take more time for some games to get validated.
    I will probably try to write a blog post detailing my steam data, so you will be able to compare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildmage View Post
    The Greenlit process is pretty obscure...
    What I've heard and haven't seen any counter-evidence is that there's an ever-shrinking cutoff at around 219 yes votes. Once you're past the cutoff, you'll get in with the next batch.

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    Hello everyone,

    Sorry to have taken so much time since the last post, but I wanted to tell you that yes, the project is still alive, it is even going well. I begin to see the end of the development, even if it is still far away and that there are still many dangers to come.

    Dev progress

    Here is a quick review of the current game state.
    • I have almost finished to code all game features.
    • The art style has been improved in a large part of the dungeon.
    • The game has been optimized a lot, even if I want to do more.
    • I improved the level design, even if there is still a lot to do.
    • Regarding the game content, I have split the game in four parts to focus on finalizing them one by one. The fist quarter is almost finished, and it will be the occasion to shoot more images and videos.

    Here are some images on the game progress. You are more than welcome to tell me what you think of it.

    Demo in a few months

    Also, I will try to make a short demo from it in the upcoming months, so you can all see by yourselves if the game is really worth it.

    Help me spread the word

    My biggest concern is be to get out of the complete anonymity. So, if you like what you see and want to help me, do not hesitate to share.

    Stay up to date

    I post regular updates, devlogs, and other content on the blog, but also on several social platforms. The best way to follow the project is to subscribe to one of those:

    Website - newsletter
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    I'd definitely rename those health mana machines to something else. Something that better matches your in-game universe.

    Whether it be something like:

    Health potion - Bat Blood / Soul Essence / Witch's Remedy etc etc
    Mana potion - Brain Juice / Wizard's Best Friend / Rejuvenation Potion etc etc

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    Based on the tone of the trailer, the health/mana stations seem fine to me. The universe is "goblin comedy" as far as I can tell.

    I was trying to remember what this game was called the other day because it's one of the few ImSims coming out that I'm looking forward to. Looks good so far.

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    Thanks icemann for your suggestions. However, Jason is right. It is indeed a (satirical and dark) comedy, and having Heal Potion™ or Mana Potion™, similar to energy drinks, in can distributor at the entrance of the dungeon, is totally adapted to the lore.
    Do not worry, there will be a lot of other objects with sexier names

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    haha, I love it I dig the comedy vibe. I'm brainstorming my next project after HEADLINER, which would be a spoof on the scifi genre hehe

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