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View Poll Results: How long will Trump be President?

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  • 1 Term (4 Years)

    25 20.66%
  • 2 Terms (8 Years)

    35 28.93%
  • 1st Term Impeachment/Assassination

    47 38.84%
  • 2nd Term Impeachment/Assassination

    2 1.65%
  • I don't know what's going on!

    12 9.92%
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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dump! ✮✮✮

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    Well the Democrats' vision isn't set on any one frequency yet. I'm not happy with the infighting, but that's how primaries always go. They all want to be the one to go to the general election.

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    they are all making stupid pie in the sky promises................ at the expense of everyone else.

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    During election season!? This is unprecedented!

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    It doesn't matter what the rest of US thinks, it only matters what voters in swing states think. And just health care alone seems to be a big issue for many. Given the Republican solution of throwing millions of people off health care altogether, Democrats have basically a monopoly on that.

    I would definitely trust Democrats to snatch another defeat from the jaws of victory, but they don't even have a candidate yet, so it's far too early to talk about what chances they have or don't have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkcerda View Post

    no matter how bad trump is, the rest of America does not buy the democrats vision either.
    So let's just settle for the Kleptocracy led by a mentally challenged, morally bereft, emotionally crippled, infantile, lying heap of steaming shit. Makes sense.

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    Registered: May 2004
    Meanwhile, Lord Dampnut loses in polls to the presidential candidate "somebody else"... in Texas:

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    Yes, Texas cities have already gone blue (Democrat) in the last two elections, even my city, Fort Worth, which is super religious & all new money. People think it's a Rep stronghold (outside of Austin), but 40% of its population is also Latin American and I imagine "Mexicans are all gangbangers" probably doesn't message well among them. That said, some of my Mexican-American friends from high school are big Trump supporters though, or at least are sharing all those alt-right tropes, which I don't really get.

    There's lots of reasons Texans should be suspicious of Trump, even old school conservatives... He's a New York real estate smooth talker. If you took the personality cult out of it, it's not supposed to play well there. I'd want to look at the numbers to see what's really happening though.

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    Certainly, it's just one poll. And it has been amazing to see how popular Lord Dampnut is in the US, regardless. 40 percent of support for someone like that seems insanely high from where I'm standing. But this sort of thing has always been a part of US history. From birchers to birthers to this. It's just even more out in the open now with even less transparent dogwhistles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    40 percent of support for someone like that seems insanely high from where I'm standing.
    It's not that unusual. Nixon maintained a 35% approval rating even during the closing hours of the Watergate scandal.

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