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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dump! ✮✮✮

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    Let's break down how much each president added to the budget during their tenure by year.


    2017 - $671 billion
    2016 - $1.423 trillion
    2015 - $327 billion
    2014 - $1.086 trillion
    2013 - $672 billion
    2012 - $1.276 trillion
    2011 - $1.229 trillion
    2010 - $1.652 trillion


    Projected 2020 - $1.281 trillion
    2019 - $1.260 trillion
    2018 - $1.271 trillion

    It looks like Trump is matching Obama nearly 1:1, having not slowed down government spending in the least, despite claims to the contrary. If Trump gets two terms in office, he'll at least match him in money spent.

    I expect when this happens, the Trump defenders will start comparing the two not by dollars spent, but by percentage added to the deficit to better excuse it. Here's how I imagine these conversations will go then.

    "Yeah? So what if Trump spent $9-10 billion! He only increased the deficit by 50%! Odipshit jumped it up by nearly 75%! That's the most of any president in history!"

    "If you're going by percentages, then Obama's the 5th most expensive president. Reagan increased the deficit by nearly 200%, and W. Bush by around 100%. Obama's only the most expensive if you go by pure dollar amount, and don't account for inflation."


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    Not only that, they'll conveniently forget all about the recession Obama inherited.

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    he did not inherit shit, he campaigned for it.
    trump is indeed worse than obama, that clown is kicking the can down the road and he was supposed to be the "fiscal conservative" .. libtards, republitards, libertariantards, we are ALL going to pay for the shit when the bill is due.

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    The question is, who's gonna force us to pay the bill? It's mostly money the government owes to itself on our behalf. It's less "we borrowed a ton of money from the banks,and eventually we'll have to mortgage the house", more "sorry, we used the money you gave us for social security on war."

    Now, don't get me wrong. Having a high deficit isn't exactly great, because eventually paying the interest on it will become something of a burden. But don't make the mistake of assuming government debt is the same as the debt you or I have. If there ever comes a point where it becomes a true problem, it means the economy is in the process of imploding in upon itself, and the American people won't care, because we'll be too busy fighting each other in the streets over the last bags of affordable beef jerky.

    ...and then it won't be a problem at all, because the government will probably fall soon after, then it won't owe money to itself anymore. We'll have a new government soon enough, with a brand new economy, probably based around bartering.

    Wow. Perpetual growth capitalism really is a self-correcting system.

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    don't we owe china a bit?
    why beef jerky? meat is murder my friend, try tofu instead.

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    Ain't no one gonna murder each other in the street for damn tofu.

    And yeah, China owns about $1 trillion of our debt, housed in treasury holdings. Thing is, they can't do anything with it, since if they decided to collect on it all at once, it'd immediately devalue the dollar, sending both of our economies into a tailspin. Massive amounts of money would be lost all around for nothing more than a political stunt.

    See, we're not really borrowing from China, at least not exactly. It's not that we're asking them to lend us a buck because we're short on change, but as a vote of assurance upon our mutual continued prosperity. Our debt with China grows as the dollar strengthens, because the worth of the treasury holdings they own rise in value alongside it.When it comes to foreign debt, think of it less as a loan, and more as an investment they've paid into us that we're obligated to honor. They're shareholders in the US economy.

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    I need to figure out how to explain that to some chinese hookers in a way that benefits me...........

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    If meat is murder, tofu is suicide.

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