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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dump! ✮✮✮

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    You know it could very well be that those republicans who voted Bernie in the primary did so because they figure Trump can beat him. I'm sure they figure to scare folks with that socialism boogeyman which over fifty percent of US citizens consider the most scary of boogeymen going. They will bring up Venezuela and claim Sanders ideas are the same though of course they are not. They will ignore the difference between democratic socialism, which most civilized countries have a measure of, and shake full socialism like a dead skunk in voters faces. They will conflate communism with Sanders ideas. They know all of their voters and some of the others are simple minded and can't understand the difference. They WANT Sanders as the opposition because they are ready to scam with straw men galore.

    I still like Warren. I like her policies and the fact she can stick up for them while putting the opposition in it's place. I've seen her do it. But I'll vote Sanders. I'm not too sure others will after the Trump scare machine cranks up full throttle though.

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    Yeah, Sanders unfortunately has a lot of baggage that the Republicans can exploit from his earlier days when he was advocating for the full-on seize the means of production kind of socialism, not the market economy socialism of Denmark.

    I thought Warren was fairly boring at first, but she has come a long way -- I don't remember if it was her who draw first blood in the last debate, but that horse-faced lesbians line was a solid gut punch.

    None of the candidates seem to have the magnetic charisma of Clinton or Obama, though.

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