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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dumped! ✮✮✮

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    Quote Originally Posted by june gloom View Post
    he can't muster the basic human decency to call people what they want to be called
    What do you want to be called?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briareos H View Post
    So that's what she meant when she kept rambling about releasing the kraken!
    I thought Rudy already did that in the Borat movie?

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    Taking the Death Toll
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    Quote Originally Posted by nemyax View Post
    What do you want to be called?
    I'm immediately suspicious of your motivations in asking this, but some folk are probably actually wondering, so -- June is my name and if referring to me in third person, use they/them pronouns.

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    Lord Dampnut and co are now pushing a talking point that because he didn't have an orderly transition (through nobody's fault but his own), he's fully justified to try to ruin Biden's:

    President Donald Trump and his allies are harking back to his own transition four years ago to make a false argument that his own presidency was denied a fair chance for a clean launch. Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany laid out the case from the White House podium last week and the same idea has been floated by Trump’s personal lawyer and his former director of national intelligence.

    The comparisons are part of a broader attempt by Trump and his team to undermine the legitimacy of Biden’s election and his right to an orderly transition by unspooling mistruths about both this election season and Trump’s treatment four years ago.

    “It’s worth remembering that this president was never given an orderly transition of power. His presidency was never accepted,” McEnany told reporters who questioned the Trump administration’s refusal to cooperate with the Biden transition.

    But the situations are far different.

    The day after her defeat in 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton conceded.

    “Donald Trump is going to be our president,” she said. “We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

    The next day, President Barack Obama, who had portrayed Trump as an existential threat to the nation, invited the president-elect to the White House and visited with him in the Oval Office. Obama’s aides offered help to Trump’s incoming staffers.

    “My number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful,” Obama said.

    During his inaugural address, Trump thanked Obama and his wife, Michelle, “for their gracious aid throughout this transition” and called them “magnificent.”

    Trump’s team is not wrong that his own transition was chaotic, but the disarray in many ways was of his own doing.

    Trump fired the head of his transition, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and abandoned months of planning in favor of a Cabinet hiring process that at times resembled a reality show. His team ignored offers of help from the outgoing Obama administration.

    That’s a far cry from the description issued by McEnany as pressure mounts for Trump to concede and for his administration to begin cooperating with Biden’s transition team. Among other things, Biden is being denied access to the presidential daily intelligence briefing and to detailed briefings on the vaccine distribution plan as COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. eclipse 255,000.

    Trump has refused to concede, instead making baseless claims of electoral fraud and trying longshot legal challenges that risk undermining the nation’s democratic traditions.

    In 2016, despite his claims, Trump did receive standard cooperation during the transition.

    But Trump’s team largely ignored advice from Obama staffers, leaving briefing books unopened and ignoring special iPads loaded with materials. The lack of preparation left aides clueless even about how to work the overhead intercom in the West Wing.
    The article doesn't really do any justice to the full extent of the chaos and damage his bumbling transition team caused, but some of it is laid out in The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis where he looked into the transition and basically predicted the coronavirus response.

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    Wow... who would have guessed that Facebook's coat had another side, which, by sheer coincidence, just happened to be coloured blue:

    Facebook is plotting a charm offensive to repair ties with the incoming Biden administration, as it looks to stave off the threat of being more heavily regulated or even broken up during the president-elect’s term in office.

    Company executives are planning a major push to encourage users to take a coronavirus vaccine, as well as incentivising people to share content related to the Paris climate agreement, which Joe Biden has promised to rejoin, in the hopes of winning favour in Washington.

    The social media company has long been a source of anger among senior Democrats, many of whom blame it for not doing enough to combat misinformation.

    In the days after this month’s election, Bill Russo, Mr Biden’s deputy communications director, posted a series of tweets attacking the company, saying: “If you thought disinformation on Facebook was a problem during our election, just wait until you see how it is shredding the fabric of our democracy in the days after.”

    Facebook hopes that Nick Clegg, the company’s vice-president of global affairs, will help mend relations. The former British deputy prime minister struck up a rapport with Mr Biden when both were in office nearly a decade ago.

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    "Democracy". HA!

    Democracy is just what enables capitalism. There's much better systems that are designed to take care of people.

    Respect existence or expect resistance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony_Tarantula View Post
    There's much better systems that are designed to take care of people.
    Too bad they're all imaginary.

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    I can see why someone who has never picked up a history book might feel that way. Numerous indigenous cultures had them.

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    Where are those cultures and what have they achieved for my (and your) benefit?

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    I say that it's a false equivalence to equate the specific form of representative "democracy" in the USA, with all of its flaws, with the concept of democracy in general.

    Most democratic systems, as implemented, are problematic, with the model in the USA (electoral college, FPTP, state senate, etc.) being especially bad. That doesn't meant that the concept itself - of countries making decisions based on the voting of their people - is flawed, it just means that all the current implementations are flawed.

    A lot of those flaws are intentional, of course - written into the systems during their inception by the people who were in power and wanted the new systems to let them stay in power.

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    Direct democracy is only feasible on the small scale. Either small in terms of the number of stakeholders and decision makers, or small in terms of the number of decisions to be made. Examples such as town halls and ballot initiatives. Democracy on a bigger scale requires representation. We can argue the pros and cons of different forms of representation. Some allocate power in different ways. Some require a greater degree of consensus than others. Et cetera. But no matter what democratic system you have, there will always be people who condemn it because it doesn't produce the outcomes they want.

    In any group decision, there's usually a losing side. And some stakeholders on the losing side will always blame the process, and try to change the process so that they can win. But changing the process itself requires a group decision, and your representatives aren't always going to agree. So you can replace them, or you can try to change the process via ballot initiative, but then you have to convince the voters. In Massachusetts, there was an initiative on the ballot this year to adopt ranked choice voting. It was supported by state party leaders, it had a well funded campaign behind it, and no real opposing campaign, but the voters rejected it. In Missouri, voters passed an anti-gerrymandering ballot initiative in 2018, and then passed another ballot initiative repealing it this year. The difference was that turnout was in favor of Democrats in 2018, but in favor of Republicans in 2020.

    That doesn't mean democracy is necessarily flawed. If you can't get enough people to agree with you, that's not a flaw of the system. A democracy doesn't mean mob rule either. The instruments through which we form governments (constitutions etc.) enumerate, apportion, and limit the powers of said governments. And people have rights.

    One disturbing trend I see here in the US is partisan groups trying to get around our directly-elected representatives and change democratic processes via the courts. There's been a lot of that going on this year.

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    Welp, the writing on the wall has been outlined and underlined. Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have all certified Biden's win. Georgia's re-re-count is now virtually irrelevant to the result. Even the GSA has certified Biden's win and the transition is beginning; almost 3 weeks later than they should've but still about 8 weeks earlier than I was expecting, lol.

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    I was surprised to see that even Trump tweeted support for the GSA. While still conceding nothing of course.

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    Yeah, me too. Good to see, though. Credit where credit is due - in this case to whoever tweeted that for Trump, 'cause he sure didn't write it himself, lol.

    Emily Murphy at GSA: "I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any Executive Branch official..."

    Trump: "...I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done..."

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    I suspect that T***p is thinking, "If something happens to Sleep Joe and Phony Kamala, I will be president".

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    I think the end game is he's going to immediately start planning his 2024 campaign on a "stabbed in the back!" platform. Constitutionally he's still eligible for a 2nd non-consecutive term. If nothing else, I imagine him doing it just to keep having campaign rallies over the next four years (assuming he's not in prison), which like all such narcissist supply is like crack for him.

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    Still Subjective
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    He's a bit like Homelander, innit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    I think the end game is he's going to immediately start planning his 2024 campaign on a "stabbed in the back!" platform. Constitutionally he's still eligible for a 2nd non-consecutive term. If nothing else, I imagine him doing it just to keep having campaign rallies over the next four years (assuming he's not in prison), which like all such narcissist supply is like crack for him.

    And yes, of course the character of Homelander is similar but Homelander has (false, non-genuine) "high" values inoculated in him by design.
    High values indeed but not learned through personal experiences - pay attention to this detail - but simply inoculated in him (and it's only the painful reality experience that can give something the status of a "real" value, not a design - but it's debatable if you're a religious person of course, 'cause everything is "by design" in a doctrinal perspective, the "right" set of values too ).

    A classic narcissist has only is ego tortured by the constant need of approval.
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