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    54 35.06%
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    50 32.47%
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    5 3.25%
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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dumped! ✮✮✮

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    I mean his term is not over until mid-January, constitutionally, so he's still the legal president until then. We call a president in the time between an election loss (or the election before the end of their 2nd term) and when they leave a "lame duck", which just means while they're still legally president, politically they don't have power to do much of anything, I mean in a normal period. Trump is a bit of a special case because he's created this cult of personality that doesn't care about political (or any) reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    Why is a defeated president allowed to do anything at all? Not just Trump, but any of them?
    So wait, in your country (wherever that is) they just frogmarch the loser out and the winner just moves in?


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    I'm sure we come from the same country. I can't recall the timescales but unless my perception's wrong the transition is quite swift. Recenetly of course we've not had a change of governing party, just PM and new ministers etc, so that sort of thing may drag on a bit, but I'm sure if it's a change of party the PM resigns immediately and there's no faffing around.

    I can understand the situation in the U.S. was only allowed because it didn't occur to anyone that the office would be held by a broken diabolical cretin. Maybe Biden could set up some safeguards to legally curtail presidential power in such circumstances.
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    The transition used to take until April! Then they updated it to January after railroads were invented. Even that's now absurdly long by today's standards, but the thing is, to change the rule you have to amend the constitution, which means there has to be a referendum in like every state and something like 2/3 of them have to vote for it. It's such a massive hassle, mid-January just kind of stuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    Why is a defeated president allowed to do anything at all? Not just Trump, but any of them? I've searched for that on Google but the results are all the usual copycat articles from a few months ago all speculating about what would happen if the thing that is now happening actually happened.
    Because horses are slow and the US is kind of big.

    Due to the time it took to tabulate all the votes and get the results to the electors doing the actual electing and the new president to assemble his team and move to Washington, the founders in their wisdom saw fit to give the new president some time to set things up and wrote up a timetable which meant that the president wouldn't start his term until 4 March, four months after the election. As time went on and faster modes of transportation and communication were invented, the US Congress of course realised how daft it is to have four entire months of transition in the modern age, so in 1933 they amended the constitution and shortened it by... 6 weeks.

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    Also, with regards to parliamentary systems, those aren't always instant either - it took months to form a government after the last election here in Ireland, because no party had a majority and they had to agree on a difficult coalition. During that time, the old government was still technically in power as a caretaker government.
    Obviously that's something of a different case - the new government didn't take over because no one was sure what the new government was yet - but that's exactly what Trump is trying to claim that the situation is in the USA, even though it clearly isn't.

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