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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dumped! ✮✮✮

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: NeoTokyo
    I mean his term is not over until mid-January, constitutionally, so he's still the legal president until then. We call a president in the time between an election loss (or the election before the end of their 2nd term) and when they leave a "lame duck", which just means while they're still legally president, politically they don't have power to do much of anything, I mean in a normal period. Trump is a bit of a special case because he's created this cult of personality that doesn't care about political (or any) reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    Why is a defeated president allowed to do anything at all? Not just Trump, but any of them?
    So wait, in your country (wherever that is) they just frogmarch the loser out and the winner just moves in?


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    I'm sure we come from the same country. I can't recall the timescales but unless my perception's wrong the transition is quite swift. Recenetly of course we've not had a change of governing party, just PM and new ministers etc, so that sort of thing may drag on a bit, but I'm sure if it's a change of party the PM resigns immediately and there's no faffing around.

    I can understand the situation in the U.S. was only allowed because it didn't occur to anyone that the office would be held by a broken diabolical cretin. Maybe Biden could set up some safeguards to legally curtail presidential power in such circumstances.
    Last edited by R Soul; 29th Nov 2020 at 09:24.

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    The transition used to take until April! Then they updated it to January after railroads were invented. Even that's now absurdly long by today's standards, but the thing is, to change the rule you have to amend the constitution, which means there has to be a referendum in like every state and something like 2/3 of them have to vote for it. It's such a massive hassle, mid-January just kind of stuck.

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    Registered: May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    Why is a defeated president allowed to do anything at all? Not just Trump, but any of them? I've searched for that on Google but the results are all the usual copycat articles from a few months ago all speculating about what would happen if the thing that is now happening actually happened.
    Because horses are slow and the US is kind of big.

    Due to the time it took to tabulate all the votes and get the results to the electors doing the actual electing and the new president to assemble his team and move to Washington, the founders in their wisdom saw fit to give the new president some time to set things up and wrote up a timetable which meant that the president wouldn't start his term until 4 March, four months after the election. As time went on and faster modes of transportation and communication were invented, the US Congress of course realised how daft it is to have four entire months of transition in the modern age, so in 1933 they amended the constitution and shortened it by... 6 weeks.

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    Location: Ireland
    Also, with regards to parliamentary systems, those aren't always instant either - it took months to form a government after the last election here in Ireland, because no party had a majority and they had to agree on a difficult coalition. During that time, the old government was still technically in power as a caretaker government.
    Obviously that's something of a different case - the new government didn't take over because no one was sure what the new government was yet - but that's exactly what Trump is trying to claim that the situation is in the USA, even though it clearly isn't.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    Legal Eagle on just how badly the Trump lawsuits are going:

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    Location: Berghem Haven
    What a surprise that a bunch of yesmen can only mean "total disaster" in the real world where fantasy narrations can't have effect.
    Damage containment / counterattack gone FUBAR.

    GOP must obliterate Trump or he will be the death of the party.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by lowenz View Post
    GOP must obliterate Trump or he will be the death of the party.
    I feel more like the U.S.A. needs to obliterate the modern GOP (including but not limited to Trump) or they'll be the collapse of the country. The end of the right-wing's ability to deny basic reality does not seem to be in sight. Vae, did Trump win the election?

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    Taking the Death Toll
    Registered: Aug 2004
    Location: they/them mayhem
    The country is doomed either way unless something truly drastic is done. The Dems aren't going to save us either. We're in the terminal stage of capitalism, and rich ghouls like Bezos are prepared to pull the plug on the rest of us.

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    Registered: Sep 2000
    Location: ZylonBane
    The current state of the GOP is just a result of the real problem, the massive right-wing propaganda/conspiracy apparatus, which suckers millions of Americans into existing in an alternate reality where all liberals are devil-worshiping pedophiles, and conservatives, no matter how conventionally vile, are the only force that can stand against them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrian View Post
    Vae, did Trump win the election?
    Per Vae, you are asking the wrong question. The question is not whether he won, only how big did he win. And the answer...

    The recount of presidential ballots in Wisconsin’s two largest counties reconfirmed Sunday that President-elect Joe Biden beat President Trump in the key swing state by more than 20,000 votes, the latest example of the president’s flailing efforts to undo the election results.

    The completion of the recount — which the Trump campaign had requested — added to a pileup of defeats for the president as he continues to attack Biden’s national victory, claiming without evidence that widespread fraud tainted the results. His campaign has vowed to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, though it has yet to do so, while suffering losses nearly every day in state and federal courts.

    After the completion of the recount in Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County on Friday and Dane County on Sunday, there was little change in the final breakdown of the more than 800,000 ballots that had been cast in the two jurisdictions. In the end, Biden’s lead over Trump in the state grew by 87 votes.

    Under Wisconsin law, Trump was required to foot the bill — meaning his campaign paid $3 million, only to see Biden widen his margin.

    I have to say, this whole thing has been quite entertaining to watch:

    The facts were indisputable: President Trump had lost.

    But Trump refused to see it that way. Sequestered in the White House and brooding out of public view after his election defeat, rageful and at times delirious in a torrent of private conversations, Trump was, in the telling of one close adviser, like “Mad King George, muttering, ‘I won. I won. I won.’ ”

    However cleareyed Trump’s aides may have been about his loss to President-elect Joe Biden, many of them nonetheless indulged their boss and encouraged him to keep fighting with legal appeals. They were “happy to scratch his itch,” this adviser said. “If he thinks he won, it’s like, ‘Shh . . . we won’t tell him.’ ”


    Trump’s devolution into disbelief of the results began on election night in the White House, where he joined campaign manager Bill Stepien, senior advisers Jared Kushner and Jason Miller, and other top aides in a makeshift war room to monitor returns.

    In the run-up to the election, Trump was aware of the fact — or likelihood, according to polls — that he could lose. He commented a number of times to aides, “Oh, wouldn’t it be embarrassing to lose to this guy?”

    But in the final stretch of the campaign, nearly everyone — including the president — believed he was going to win. And early on election night, Trump and his team thought they were witnessing a repeat of 2016, when he defied polls and expectations to build an insurmountable lead in the electoral college.

    Then Fox News called Arizona for Biden.

    “He was yelling at everyone,” a senior administration official recalled of Trump’s reaction. “He was like, ‘What the hell? We were supposed to be winning Arizona. What’s going on?’ He told Jared to call [News Corp. Executive Chairman Rupert] Murdoch.”

    Efforts by Kushner and others on the Trump team to persuade Fox to take back its Arizona call failed.

    Trump and his advisers were furious, in part because calling Arizona for Biden undermined Trump’s scattershot plan to declare victory on election night if it looked as though he had sizable leads in enough states.


    In the days after the election, as Trump scrambled for an escape hatch from reality, the president largely ignored his campaign staff and the professional lawyers who had guided him through the Russia investigation and the impeachment trial, as well as the army of attorneys who stood ready to file legitimate court challenges.

    Instead, Trump empowered loyalists who were willing to tell him what he wanted to hear — that he would have won in a landslide had the election not been rigged and stolen — and then to sacrifice their reputations by waging a campaign in courtrooms and in the media to convince the public of that delusion.

    The effort culminated Nov. 19, when lawyers Rudolph W. Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell spoke on the president’s behalf at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee to allege a far-reaching and coordinated plot to steal the election for Biden. They argued that Democratic leaders rigged the vote in a number of majority-Black cities, and that voting machines were tampered with by communist forces in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan leader who died seven years ago.

    There was no evidence to support any of these claims.

    The Venezuelan tale was too fantastical even for Trump, a man predisposed to conspiracy theories who for years has feverishly spread fiction. Advisers described the president as unsure about the latest gambit — made worse by the fact that what looked like black hair dye mixed with sweat had formed a trail dripping down both sides of Giuliani’s face during the news conference. Trump thought the presentation made him “look like a joke,” according to one campaign official who discussed it with him.

    “I, like everyone else, have yet to see any evidence of it, but it’s a thriller — you’ve got Chávez, seven years after his death, orchestrating this international conspiracy that politicians in both parties are funding,” a Republican official said facetiously. “It’s an insane story.”
    I mean, could you have asked for a better advent calendar than Lord Dampnut losing daily?
    Last edited by Starker; 30th Nov 2020 at 03:45.

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    Registered: Dec 2006
    Location: Berghem Haven
    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    The current state of the GOP is just a result of the real problem, the massive right-wing propaganda/conspiracy apparatus, which suckers millions of Americans into existing in an alternate reality where all liberals are devil-worshiping pedophiles, and conservatives, no matter how conventionally vile, are the only force that can stand against them.
    The majority don't believe in this, they believe that "exposing the truth" of this obviously stupid fantasies can "tame" the LIBTARDS!!11111 invading their own "lawn".
    The classic paranoid encirclement syndrome. Communists everywhere!

    The perfect excuse to not admit the beloved capitalism can destroy "little capitalists" with no remorse, cause you know, it's how it really works.
    So blame the LIBTARDS!!1111 (see the post before about Bezos......)

    It's all about the *TOTAL IMPOSSIBILITY* to admit the "system" can destroy its own dreaming supporters: so the "system" becomes RIGGED: Pedophiles! Satan! The system is good, only corrupted by LIBTARDS!!!111. That's the real cause why this "satanic corruption" mantra exists.

    No, it's not rigged, it doesn't have the notion of pietas by design.

    People supporting the "american dream" can't possibly admit this reality. It's impossible they can.
    I see this same exact thing here in Italy in US Tea party/Neoliberalism supporters (we have some of them), so of course they digistruct (QAnon, Reddit, Online forums) satanic fantasies.
    It's Satan! American self-realization prosperity dream can't destroy lives! It is good! !!111

    They're simply delusional people, and like all delusional people they can become source of social danger.
    And they know this deep inside. They simply can't admit it.
    Last edited by lowenz; 30th Nov 2020 at 05:54.

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    If I were a lawyer for the DNC in Georgia, I'd call one of these asshats on the stand and ask the following questions:

    1. Were Dominion machines used in Georgia? (yes)
    2. Who approved the use of these machines in Georgia? (whichever GOP-led branch of the state govt ran the election)
    3. Why do you allege that these machines were used to fraudulently alter vote totals? (presumably a list of QAnon bullshit about Hugo Chavez and Germany and whatever)
    4. Why did you approve these machines for use when all of that information would have been widely available at that time were it true?

    It seems like we're supposed to believe that it's a coincidence that suddenly all of this information about Dominion, which is bullshit btw, suddenly became known when a pile of Republican Qtards realized their guy was getting his ass kicked. And that these alleged ties to Chavez and Germany and whatever would have been some kind of big secret before then. Oooook.

  16. #15316
    These claims are ridiculous.

    The rigged election is clearly the work of Dr. Doofenshmirtz, and his Electionator-inator.

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    New Member
    Registered: Oct 2016
    suddenly Captain Spandex's incessant shilling of the Orange Man™ on twitter makes sense, this thread is a fucking dumpster heap

    it's the looking glass curse in action... all of the cool kids that went to mit with our good friend epstein grew up and turned into neoliberal boomer hacks

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    Sidney Powell has finally released the Kraken and the Kraken has been laughed out of court every step of the way:

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    Location: Not Kansas

    Question about the legality of Trump's attempts to interfere with election results.

    I'm confused. I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not sure about this, but I was taught that interfering with a federal election was a crime. So of course I had to look it up and this is what I found:

    18 U.S. Code Chapter 29 is the part of the federal penal code that defines offenses related to elections and political activity. There are 22 different statutes found within Chapter 29, but two of those statutes – 18 U.S. Code section 591 and 18 U.S. Code section 612 – have been repealed. The remaining statutes include the following:

    18 U.S. Code section 592 – Troops at polls
    18 U.S. Code section 593 – Interference by armed forces
    18 U.S. Code section 594 – Intimidation of voters
    18 U.S. Code section 595 – Interference by administrative employees of Federal, State, or Territorial Governments
    18 U.S. Code section 596 – Polling armed forces
    18 U.S. Code section 597 – Expenditures to influence voting
    18 U.S. Code section 598 – Coercion by means of relief appropriations
    18 U.S. Code section 599 – Promise of appointment by candidate
    18 U.S. Code section 600 – Promise of employment or other benefit for political activity
    18 U.S. Code section 601 – Deprivation of employment or other benefit for political contribution
    18 U.S. Code section 602 – Solicitation of political contributions
    18 U.S. Code section 603 – Making political contributions
    18 U.S. Code section 604 – Solicitation from persons on relief
    18 U.S. Code section 605 – Disclosure of names of persons on relief
    18 U.S. Code section 606 – Intimidation to secure political contributions
    18 U.S. Code section 607 – Place of solicitation
    18 U.S. Code section 608 – Absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters
    18 U.S. Code section 609 – Use of military authority to influence vote of member of Armed Forces
    18 U.S. Code section 610 – Coercion of political activity
    18 U.S. Code section 611 – Voting by aliens

    Then I read stuff like

    'Allies of President Donald Trump want a federal court in Michigan to force state leaders to set aside election results and award its 16 electoral votes to the president.' and 'A separate conservative group also wants the Michigan Supreme Court to invalidate the results that show President-elect Joe Biden won the state.' (

    as well as 'Mr Giuliani appeared in Phoenix on Monday to urge Republican legislators to interfere with the election’s outcome, as he claimed that votes were “embedded" in voting precincts and voting machines had been manipulated and part of a conspiratorial scheme involving Hugo Chavez.' ( and my brain starts to hurt wondering why Trump and his associates haven't been outright charged with interfering in a federal election.

    I mean, Trump stated that he wanted to have the 'battleground states' get rid of their electors and replace them with pro-Trump electors to guarantee his victory and that was after the election, which I know would be illegal if he were to actually succeed in doing that. I also know Trump has gotten away (so far) with tons of illegal and borderline-illegal shit, but come on! Why is there not even a whisper of charging and prosecuting him and his lapdogs for blatant interference with a presidential election? Can someone more familiar with this law explain?

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    In related news, another one of Lord Dampnut's lawyers called for Chris Krebs to be executed:

    On Monday President Trump’s campaign lawyer and former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova said that fired Trump cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs should be executed for saying that the election was the “most secure in United States history.”

    DiGenova, appearing on the Howie Carr show, which simulcasts on Newsmax, took aim at Krebs as an aside during a wheels-off segment full of false claims about how the United States election had been rigged.

    “Anybody who thinks that this election went well, like that idiot Krebs who used to be the head of cybersecurity [for Trump]. That guy is a class A moron. He should be drawn and quartered. Taken out at dawn and shot,” diGenova said.


    DiGenova’s execution wishcasting comes on the heels of a Krebs interview with 60 Minutes in which he debunked the Trump team’s outlandish and conspiratorial claims about the election. Krebs is a lifelong Republican who Trump put in charge of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which had oversight of election security. (Trump fired Krebs via tweet.)

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    The Trump team (Bannon, this DiGenova - italian I would say - guy, others) are so wrong on so many lavels of human decency (behead! shot!) that must be simply put in mental institutes.

    Joseph diGenova (born February 22, 1945) is an American lawyer, political commentator, and conspiracy theorist who served as the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia from 1983 to 1988.[1][2] He and his wife, Victoria Toensing, are partners in the Washington, D.C., law firm diGenova and Toensing.[3][4] He is known for promoting conspiracy theories about the Department of Justice and the FBI.[13] He and Toensing frequently appeared on Fox News and Fox Business channels, until diGenova used a November 2019 appearance to spread conspiracy theories about George Soros, leading to widespread calls for him to be banned from the network.[14][15] In November 2020, President Donald Trump named diGenova, Toensing, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis to join a legal team led by Rudy Giuliani to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election in which Trump was defeated.


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    Put his head on a pike!
    Where's Steve Bannon?

    The Trump rats are going into personal damage control mode, distancing themselves in an attempt to preserve whatever professional reputation they might have left. SORRY. It's a little too late for that.

    Barr is well connected. But if there's any justice to be found in this country, his career should be well and truly over for good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    Sidney Powell has finally released the Kraken and the Kraken has been laughed out of court every step of the way:
    LOL. Venezuela Lair of the Devil!!1111 (It's McCarthyism all over again, now that Castro is no more)

    Now let me ask: how can even be possible that half of US people voted for this team of lunatics.

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    Location: Ireland
    Technically it was closer to a third, and that was only of the eligible voters. I believe it was 70m people, which is about 21% of the total population.

    Still very disturbing, but far from half of the humans.

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