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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dumped! ✮✮✮

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    I know this freak show is just step one in Trump's 2024 campaign. All he's trying to do is sow doubt in the minds of his supporters so he can spend the next four years campaigning on the corrupt system, rigged elections theme. But it sure is embarrassing to watch. An epic train wreck. I don't know how Giuliani can share a stage with some of these nincompoops.

    I was honestly surprised when Lin Wood and Sidney Powell held a rally in Georgia where they told Republican voters to boycott the upcoming Senate run-offs. If the Republicans lose these races, they will lose control of the Senate. And these activist Republican attorneys are telling Republicans not to vote. That just goes to show that these people did not jump on this bandwagon because they are well paid or want to further their political careers. They are full-blown QAnon nuts. Trump is playing with fire.

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    What's his campaign slogan going to be? Trump 2024 - Don't Vote, You Can't Trust It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    * Apparently, based on one of those famous "Q drops", CIA Director Gina Haspel was arrested and/or died in connection with a raid US Army conducted to seize a server in Germany. Meanwhile, in the real world, the US Army denies the raid happened, the company alleged to be targeted doesn't have offices in Germany, and Gina Haspel seems to be alive and well. Y'know, a few minor details.
    That doesn't mean it didn't happen. There are a couple of scenarios consistent with actual existing QAnon logic:

    (1) The Gina Haspel killed in Germany was Gina Haspel from the future, who time-traveled back to rig the election


    (2) The living Gina Haspel is a body double or merely a clone

    One common saying in Q world is "you're watching a movie" to state that everything you see is fake news. But it's striking how much their grasp on reality does actually appear to be based on having seen too many movies.

    The latest one is that the Deep State rigged the election with a super-computer called HAMMER running software called SCORECARD.

    So this turns out to be a conspiracy theory concocted by veteran tech scammer called Dennis Montgomery.
    A 2010 Playboy investigation called Montgomery "The man who conned the Pentagon", saying he won millions in federal contracts for his supposed terrorist-exposing intelligence software.[2] The software was later reported to have been an elaborate hoax and Montgomery's former lawyer called him a "con artist" and "habitual liar engaged in fraud".
    He keeps pulling this stuff and you can bet with this guy he's angling for a big payout because of it. He hit it big in 2003 conning the Pentagon and he's been trying to replicate that ever since. Now, he's claiming he's the guy who built this HAMMER computer but it was then stolen by Obama to rig elections. So obviously he's hoping that catches on and then he's the go-to guy when asked what to do about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heywood View Post
    All he's trying to do is sow doubt in the minds of his supporters so he can spend the next four years campaigning on the corrupt system, rigged elections theme.
    "Vote for me, because things were so bad when I was president!" is an interesting campaign strategy.

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    "Vote for me or the Democrats are going to DESTROY THE US!!" ... after four years of a Biden administration.
    I bet people are going to start forgetting who's president after a year of Biden.
    But maybe that's me trying to be optimistic. Wouldn't it be nice for a change?

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    I thought this is interesting but not sure where it goes, doesn't deserve it's own thread, and it kinda fits here due to the politics angle

    A bunch of 'Monoliths' popping up as some sort of gag, and these have attracted curious sight-seers. This has apparently enraged right-wing Christians who go tear them down, sometimes replacing them with a cross. They were chanting "Christ is King" and apparently super-paranoid that "Antifa" were following them to stop them.

    Are the cultists just like everywhere now, this stuff is just heating up.

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