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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dumped! ✮✮✮

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowenz View Post


    How US citizens can believe this stellar crap?
    It's not really unbelievable that people would fall for that shit. It's just blood libel watered down for soccer moms. There are Muslim countries that still teach The Protocols as historical fact, and some crazy toothbrush moustachioe'd dude once convinced an entire nation that Jews/socialists/homosexuals were harvesting their children's blood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    It's not really unbelievable that people would fall for that shit. It's just blood libel watered down for soccer moms. There are Muslim countries that still teach The Protocols as historical fact, and some crazy toothbrush moustachioe'd dude once convinced an entire nation that Jews/socialists/homosexuals were harvesting their children's blood.
    Yeah, not that surprising but just unfortunate. This is Satanic Panic Mk #XXX.
    The Satanic panic is a moral panic consisting of over 12,000 unsubstantiated cases of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA, sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, organized abuse, or sadistic ritual abuse) starting in the United States in the 1980s, spreading throughout many parts of the world by the late 1990s, and persisting today.
    Scholarly interest in the topic slowly built, eventually resulting in the conclusion that the phenomenon was a moral panic, which, as one researcher put it in 2017, "involved hundreds of accusations that devil-worshipping paedophiles were operating America's white middle-class suburban daycare centers."

    Of the more than 12,000 documented accusations nationwide, investigating police were not able to substantiate any allegations of organized cult abuse.
    In 1983, charges were laid in the McMartin preschool trial, a major case in California, which received attention throughout the United States and contained allegations of satanic ritual abuse. The case caused tremendous polarization in how to interpret the available evidence. Shortly afterward, more than 100 preschools across the country became the object of similar sensationalist allegations, which were eagerly and uncritically reported by the press.
    So the mainstream media wants little to do with accusations of satanic cults now, because they got their credibility burned big time by going along with it in the 1980s. Many of those people who reported gleefully about the satanic panic are still around in the industry.

    This is the really evil part:

    Kee MacFarlane, a social worker employed by the Children's Institute International, developed a new way to interrogate children with anatomically correct dolls and used them in an effort to assist disclosures of abuse with the McMartin children. After asking the children to point to the places on the dolls where they had allegedly been touched and asking leading questions, MacFarlane diagnosed sexual abuse in virtually all the McMartin children. She coerced disclosures by using lengthy interviews that rewarded discussions of abuse and punished denials. The trial testimony that resulted from such methods was often contradictory and vague on all details except for the assertion that the abuse had occurred.
    I didn't expect the spanish inquisition.


    Finally, to put current years in context:

    In 1984 MacFarlane warned a congressional committee that children were being forced to engage in scatological behavior and watch bizarre rituals in which animals were being slaughtered.[40] Shortly after, the United States Congress doubled its budget for child-protection programs. Psychiatrist Roland Summit delivered conferences in the wake of the McMartin trial and depicted the phenomenon as a conspiracy that involved anyone skeptical of the phenomenon.[41] By 1986, social worker Carol Darling argued to a grand jury that the conspiracy reached the government.[41] Her husband Brad Darling gave conference presentations about a Satanic conspiracy of great antiquity which he now believed was permeating American communities.[22]

    In 1985, Patricia Pulling joined forces with psychiatrist Thomas Radecki, director of the National Coalition on Television Violence, to create B.A.D.D. (Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons). Pulling and B.A.D.D. saw role-playing games generally and Dungeons & Dragons specifically as Satanic cult recruitment tools, inducing youth to suicide, murder, and Satanic ritual abuse.[42] Other alleged recruitment tools included heavy metal music, educators, child care centers, and television.[42] This information was shared at policing and public awareness seminars on crime and the occult, sometimes by active police officers.[42] None of these allegations held up in analysis or in court. In fact, analysis of youth suicide over the period in question found that RPG players actually had a much lower rate of suicide than the average.

    By the late 1980s, therapists or patients who believed someone had suffered from SRA could suggest solutions that included Christian psychotherapy, exorcism, and support groups whose members self-identified as "anti-Satanic warriors."[43] Federal funding was increased for research on child abuse, with large portions of the funding allocated for research on child sexual abuse. Funding was also provided for conferences supporting the idea of SRA, adding a veneer of respectability to the idea as well as offering an opportunity for prosecutors to exchange advice on how to best secure convictions—with tactics including destruction of notes, refusing to tape interviews with children, and destroying or refusing to share evidence with the defense.
    Seriously, the QAnon stuff is alarming, but it's not as alarming as this shit that was going on in the 1980s. Imagine if we had a congressional committee to investigate the QAnon claims from an uncritical pro-QAnon point of view, and the police were arresting people based on QAnon memes.
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    Wow, just watched HBO's Q: Into the Storm and now I know what one of the QDrops *specifically* was about. Spoiler: Q is almost 100% certainly Ron Watkins, though he wasn't the original Q, but hijacked the account after luring it to switch to 8chan. The doco is more about the timeline and behind the scenes stuff rather than detailing the conspiracy theories and fans. So if you want a beliefs deep-dive then this isn't the doco for that.

    So the main story behind the drop is that Fred Brennan, the creator of 8chan was trying to get them (the Watkins, current owners of 8chan) taken down, then the Watkins launched legal action against Brennan (who is heavily disabled) which would have landed him in prison, and it was agreed he'd most likely have died in a Philippines prison due to his severe disabilities. However, Brennan was tipped off about the pending charges by his lawyer and managed to escape the country with mere minutes to spare before the arrest warrant was issued.

    The real giveaway was that right after the arrest warrant dropped, while Brennan was still in the air, a new Drop posted: "#3782 to be blunt, GAME OVER". Previously both Ron Watkins and Brennan had referred to their sparring as a "game", so it's almost certain at that point that Q was Ron Watkins. Yeah so they thought they'd "Assanged" Frederick Brennan but he escaped by the skin of his teeth.

    It's the benefit of hindsight but I'm enjoying now watching some Q videos where they interpret the "Drop #3782 to be blunt, GAME OVER" post. Which, was almost certainly just personal gloating from the current 8chan admin about having fucked over the previous 8chan admin.
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