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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dumped! ✮✮✮

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    Registered: Dec 2020
    Someone crunched the numbers on that:

    Average excess death rates in Florida and Ohio were 76% higher among Republicans than Democrats from March 2020 to December 2021, according to a working paper released last month by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Excess deaths refers to deaths above what would be anticipated based on historical trends.
    This means over a quarter of all excess deaths were "extra" Republicans. There's a chance this could have swung some elections if they were closer than a few thousands, and a slight Democratic win.

    There was a point where it looked like Lauren Boebert might lose by < 100 votes. If that had happened it would have been very believable that this was within the margin of her own anti-vax position causing her loss. Right now it looks like she won by under 600.
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    Boebert's case is extra interesting in that was supposed to be a relatively safe seat, from what I understand.

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    Registered: Dec 2020
    Ooh, a popcorn moment. Elon Musk had a twitter poll on allowing Trump back on, 50%+ said yes, so Musk said Trump's back on.

    Donald Trump says he won’t be returning to Twitter following poll

    Donald Trump says he has no interest in returning to Twitter after Elon Musk vowed to reverse his ban, with it facing “incredible” problems.
    Elon is doing an "alpha-male" power play here, graciously "allowing" Trump back onto "his" platform.

    Musk then apparently just re-opened Trump's account by himself and that account started to rack up followers.

    I don't often agree, but Trump might have made the right call here to ignore the account completely. Accepting it would make it look like he's beholden to Musk, while ignoring it cements his position and will please his Truth Social / DWAC supporters, while leaving Musk in an awkward freeze-frame moment.

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    Registered: May 2004
    Real "get in loser, we're going losing" vibes from both of them.

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    Registered: Dec 2006
    Location: Berghem Haven
    Perfect, alpha-ma(i)ling defeating itself.

    "Wait, they gave our LORD PROTECTOR the possibility to return and he refuses? Is he really caring for us.....subjects?"

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    Location: under God's grace
    I see two sports teams on the telly, fighting. There's cheering for the BLU team. Also talking smack at the RED. The dart board has a picture of the captain of the RED team, funny hair. I've been frequenting this pub since 2001, and I love it here. Although I'm rooting for RED.


    I'll get me coat

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    Location: Land of the crazy
    Ironically, Elon Musk is probably the person best able to help Donald Trump win again, if Musk wanted to. Musk is a rising Republican star, but unlike DeSantis, he can't run for President.

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    Registered: Dec 2020

    Trump is upset that Ron DeSantis stole his plan to bus migrants to blue cities. However several ex White House people had outline what Trump's plan actually involved. He ordered them to collect 'rapists' and 'murderers' at the border and instead of locking them up or expelling them, to bus those guys to Democrat-voting cities.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    And they have the gall to complain that Democrats supposedly want open borders.

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    Registered: Dec 2020
    Also, Kanye's 2024 election run is looking interesting

    Well he's impressed me and got my vote. I'm voting for Mr Faceless Terrorist in 2024.
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    Registered: May 2004
    Just goes to show you should never argue with a Twitter mod, especially one who paid billions to get their post.

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