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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dumped! ✮✮✮

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    Location: Bicester Oxfordshire UK

    ✮✮✮ !Trump Dumped! ✮✮✮

    A thread to contribute to the gathering momentum of comm chat.

    British MPs branded Donald Trump a "stupid", "dangerous" and foolish "wazzock" who utters "poisonous words" in a debate over whether the US presidential contender should be banned from the UK.

    Parliament took up the topic after half a million people signed a petition calling for Trump to be excluded over his call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States in the wake of extremist violence. Trump has also claimed that some areas of Britain are so radicalized that police fear for their lives.

    This kind of sums up the UK view of the possible next President of the USA. I can't remember a more negative view of any Presidential candidate and I'm old...

    I would like to hear views of Mr Trump from you crazies who I find a good litmus on world politics.

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    verbose douchebag
    Registered: Apr 2002
    Location: Lyon, France
    It would be interesting from an anthropological viewpoint to hear from anyone who is pro-Trump.

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    If it stops Hildabeest getting into office then it's a GOOD THING.

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    Location: Cathedral Row
    On the heels of what icemann said, it is great to see a candidate that isn't a politician, and who doesn't need contributions from corporations and wealthy businessmen to cloud his intentions and agenda. I just wish it was some other candidate.

    That said, in case anyone was wondering, I wouldn't vote for him in a million years. I don't like Hilary either, so that doesn't really leave a lot of choices left.

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    Location: Washington DC
    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    I don't like Hilary either, so that doesn't really leave a lot of choices left.
    Sanders? Maybe? His chances don't look great right now but the alternative is Hillary, and a lot of projections are saying that a Hillary-Trump matchup will very likely result in a Trump victory.

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    I have a more than negative view of him, Medlar, I find him quite frightening and I'm more than a little worried that he might actually become president.

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    Registered: Mar 2004
    He himself isn't a loon. He's a smart businessman who's pitching to the rather large quantity of loons we have in this country.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    "I'm tired of billionaires running the country by proxy. Let's have one run the country directly!"

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    Registered: Feb 2000
    Location: Bicester Oxfordshire UK
    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrian View Post
    "I'm tired of billionaires running the country by proxy. Let's have one run the country directly!"
    If you can't beat them, vote for them policy. Logical.

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    Hell. TTLG is falling into the same trap that every mouthbreathing, low-IQ, trailer park moron is making.

    Trump is a symptom of a greater problem. The man himself isn't a big deal, and I guarantee you that if not him then it would be someone else. Same way that everyone likes to have an intellectual circle-jerk about what would have happened if Hitler had been killed when it reality it would have made little difference. The economic and political trends in motion dictated the emergence of a nationalist strongman and there were PLENTY of people in Germany suited to fill that role (for starters, any one of Hitler's top lieutenants).

    Better explained here:

    have been asked if I really think Trump will be the man to save us. No. I do not believe anyone can do that at this late point in history. Trump’s reading of Al Wilson’s song “The Snake” is typical and part of the cycle. The state sovereign debt crisis of the mid-19th century was set in motion by Andrew Jackson’s war on the Bank of the United States because they funded his opponents. Jackson then destroyed the central bank, which set off the Age of Broken Banknotes. The Panic of 1837 became the Depression of the 1840s, and then states issued bonds to try to bailout their banks and then they defaulted. To this date, the Bank of England still has on its books bonds issued by States that they never paid on.

    The economic pressures of that period produced the very same human response to immigration. Then it was the Irish. The movement against immigrants erupted into gun battles on the streets of Philadelphia in 1844 known as the Nativism Riots. These “native” Americans (white original immigrants) were against all immigrants as they felt they were taking their jobs. So Trump’s reading of “The Snake” is PRECISELY in line with history and is reflecting the very issue that is argued for the BREXIT by one side: STOP THE MIGRANTS.

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    verbose douchebag
    Registered: Apr 2002
    Location: Lyon, France
    I'd say that's a given - not a revelation. I don't think anyone here seriously believes that Trump created his following. Understanding that doesn't mean he isn't a current issue though. Targeting the figurehead has its separate merit.

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    Registered: Sep 2001
    Location: The other Derry
    I live in Southern NH, in the Boston metro area, and Trump is very popular in this part of the country, so I know a lot of people who are pro-Trump. Some typical reasons people cite are:
    He's a real person, not a career politician who just blows smoke up your arse
    He's a tough guy who won't get walked over in foreign policy matters
    His wealth makes him independent, not bought and paid for by the party and its big donors
    He's a deal maker who might actually get something done in Washington
    He'll protect American jobs

    A lot of it is wishful thinking but perhaps there is a kernel of merit in the second and third items, maybe even the fourth.

    I'm sad to say he has a shot at winning the general election. His anti-immigration position gives him crossover appeal with blue collar Democrats who are tired of losing manufacturing jobs. His xenophobic talk taps into a swell of anti-Muslim sentiment. And he has a history of being politically centrist, so he doesn't scare off voters in this part of the country like a true religious conservative would. The more religious conservative red states are a guaranteed Republican victory anyway, and he seems to have found a path to the Republican nomination without pandering to that voting block. Not to mention Hillary Clinton is probably going to be the weakest Democratic nominee since Walter Mondale.

    I'm really upset that the Democratic party leadership decided that it was Hillary's turn and discouraged everyone else from getting into the race. Seems like the party establishment and their cohorts in the mainstream media are on her side as well vs. Sanders. Tomorrow is a big primary day (so-called super Tuesday) and I have a bad feeling that Trump and Clinton will be all but unbeatable after tomorrow night, which is too bad because there is no way in hell I'm going to vote for either of them.

    I voted for Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary, which is a new thing for me since I have traditionally been socially liberal but center-right on fiscal matters and a bit anti-authoritarian. Never been a big government guy, but right now I'm in a mood to support anyone who opposes the current power base. Also, the lower and middle classes have really taken it on the chin over the last decade and deserve a president who will really represent their interest (and I believe Bernie will more than the others). Not to mention I wanted some Democratic alternative to Hillary Clinton.

    Strangely, some Trump supporters I know were also tempted by Bernie Sanders. They both have some crossover appeal due to their perceived independence and straight talk, but also some of the same negatives such as policy ideas they couldn't hope to implement without a different Congress. The Congressional races that nobody is talking about will probably have a bigger impact than the Presidential election anyway.

    Anyway, getting back to the egomaniac Trump, he doesn't scare me anywhere near as much as the ideologue Ted Cruz. A lot of what comes out of The Donald's mouth is trolling the media to dominate the news cycle.

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    Registered: Dec 2009
    Looks like many of you are pro-muslims, pro-politcorrect, why? Do you really like that any colored/gay or any abnormal have more rights than you? like to be unter-mensch?

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    Registered: Jun 1999
    Location: Procrastination, Australia
    Trump would almost be worth it for the show.
    I don't know about him being a fascist strongman though. I have this feeling he'll be a mostly limp puppet of whatever Cheney Tsars manage to worm their way into his good graces and it'll be mainly steady-as-she-goes for the most part with little adventure.
    Almost sounds like a good thing.

    The stuff people think about him though! Wowsers. "He's a good businessman"- He's a thoroughly mediocre one, especially for real estate. His main achievement seems to be being an unreconstructed 80s style tycoon who isn't completely bankrupt or in jail.
    "He'll be tough in foreign policy" - oh good grief. He's the blustery idiot of Putin's dreams. He's coming back from every deal with the magic beans every time. Without the shield of Wall Street culture to give him a leg up he's nothing.

    He's kind of Nasty Reagan. He'll talk so that people will confirm him as god saviour and greatest forever, but didn't actually do a whole lot on close inspection.

    With an ego of that size though it's also hard to see him not digging in and ruining something good and proper along the way at the same time.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by zoog View Post
    Looks like many of you are pro-muslims, pro-politcorrect, why?
    I'm pro-religious freedom because millennia of people murdering each other over which untestable B.S. to mandate still seems to be a bad idea. I believe in political correctness, but as a choice, not as a government mandate; I think people should have the freedom to be as offensive as they like insofar as that does not conflict with the freedom to refrain from publishing them, call them out on their B.S., and/or shun them for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by zoog View Post
    like to be unter-mensch?
    That's quite an inferiority complex you've got going, there. I feel pretty comfortable up here near the top of the social heap, thanks.

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    Registered: Feb 2000
    Location: Bicester Oxfordshire UK
    Looks like we've drawn out a lurker, welcome zoog. Inter-Mensch? A little tough eh?

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    What did Hitler say about the future of America?

    “I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance ... everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?”

    Wise words indeed.

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    Registered: Sep 2000
    Location: ZylonBane
    Quote Originally Posted by faetal View Post
    It would be interesting from an anthropological viewpoint to hear from anyone who is pro-Trump.
    Quote Originally Posted by nobodyinparticular View Post
    If it stops Hildabeest getting into office then it's a GOOD THING.
    And there we go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    And there we go.
    Haha, I knew that one was going to incur the wrath of the SJW's. You just got schlonged.
    Last edited by nobodyinparticular; 29th Feb 2016 at 19:51.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    Does Godwin's law still apply if someone brings Hitler up approvingly?

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    If Trump gets elected, I'm moving to Canada.

    Phatose, sadly, hit the nail on the head. Trump is playing the crowd knowing what will sell, and clearly, he is doing a phenomenal job of it. Being a sensible and progressive candidate doesn't work that well (coughSanderscough), so Trump is going for a more tried approach.

    Also LOL at inter-mensch and favorable Hitler quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by faetal View Post
    It would be interesting from an anthropological viewpoint to hear from anyone who is pro-Trump.
    I was thinking the same, and I guess the thread is starting to deliver predictable results

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    Registered: Jun 2010
    Location: Post Glacial
    You pinkos hate trump (yes I am not giving him upper case on purpose) because he is you. Oh, the pain! Oh the horror! discuss.

    I'm not a fan. However, he is our reality, albeit manufactured, that hits a chord with the disaffected majority of the USA. Think about the poor saps in Greece. Wouldn't they like a Donald? Shit, I've seen 50% of my savings go into hell for the leftist cause, only to result in more misery. Yet, do I support Trump? At this point, no.

    I do not support any candidate at this time. All running are ass hats. The best of the worse used to be Rubio for me, but he has proved himself to be a little bitch. Fuck him.

    Those that are not Americans will not get this at all. You were weened on succubusism (a word? whatever). You bow down to the state. You are less than the whole. Fuck you! I am better than all of you because I claim I am better. Get it? That is what America is all about. Shit this is fun! You do understand I am trying to make a funny? Some of you do not get it. For those that do, I am sorry for being so condescending - to an absolute fault.

    Look, I really don't mean to piss ya'll off or anything, but unless you are from the USA, fuck off on this thread. You have no business making comments. I am just parroting your shite. You PC ass wipes.

    Disclaimer: This was written while the writer under the influence of a lot of alcohol. The words written may or may not represent his true opinion of the situation at hand. One never really knows. Actually, this was an attempt to make fun of the author and the board as one. Maybe it worked? Maybe it failed? Who knows?

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    verbose douchebag
    Registered: Apr 2002
    Location: Lyon, France
    Quote Originally Posted by zoog View Post
    Looks like many of you are pro-muslims, pro-politcorrect, why? Do you really like that any colored/gay or any abnormal have more rights than you? like to be unter-mensch?

    (This thread is really delivering the goods with the broad strokes "tellin it how it is" types)

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    I don't understand all the hoo-hah over Trump, given that he's scarcely worse than any of the other Republican candidates. Surely it must be more a reaction against the cult of celebrity than anything else, because the likes of Ted Cruz are orders of magnitude more abhorrent.

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