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Thread: Nioh - Samurai Souls

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    Nioh - Samurai Souls

    Nioh is a Souls-like developed by Team Ninja (DoA, Ninja Gaiden) and releasing on February 7, 2017.

    Anyone play the demo this weekend? (Or the alpha / beta before?)

    Impressions? Will you be purchasing Nioh? How do you feel about the difficulty? How does it stack up to Dark Souls / Bloodborne? Do you like the ki pulse system?

    After playing the demo for about 10 hours, my impression was positive. The combat is actually pretty different than Souls. Ki-pulses are essential for successful stamina management. Also, getting hit leaves you much more wide open than Souls. Getting struck can leave you wide open to a stun-lock where in BB you recover quickly enough to dodge the next attack. Overall enemies seem to hit harder than in the Souls games and have more health. That said the differences are refreshingly different and I'm looking forward to it after feeling kind of burnt out on the formula after DS3.

    So, what do you think?

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    I played an Alpha version early last year on the PS4 but for some reason it expired after only 1 day so I didn't get too deep into it. My initial impressions were favourable, although it was so unoptimised at that time that it may have made the game more difficult than what it should have been. I think I'll wait until I see a few reviews and general impressions from others here before I get it though.

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    Reviews are out. Lot of 8s and 9s. I'm pumped!

    Reddit Nioh Reciew Thread

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    I did end up playing this on PS4. There was good and bad about it and mainly your personal pet peeves will dictate whether you enjoy it.

    I will say the combat feel is great and the weapons are a lot of fun. The boss fights were the highlight of the game for me and I really enjoyed them. Is it as good as Souls? No, but there is still a lot of fun to be had here.

    The game's biggest weakness is enemy variety. You will face the same enemies over and over and they do not have a very diverse move set. Sometimes they can be quite the predictable damage sponges, so fighting them becomes tedious after the nth encounter.

    The random loot seems great in theory but I personally found the extra inventory micromanagement a chore. That's a minor complaint though.

    The side missions / twilight missions also seem like a great way to extend the game in theory but I found a lot of them tedious due to the aforementioned recycling of enemies and mixed bag design. Some are great, others not so much. Can't complain about optional content though. Stick to the main missions for the best the game has to offer.

    Overall I'd give it a cautious recommendation.

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    Nioh 2 coming to PC in February after an 11 month early access period.
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