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Thread: Stalker and EAX/Creative Alchemy: worth it?

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    Stalker and EAX/Creative Alchemy: worth it?

    I'm thinking of replaying the Stalker game, and since I last played them, I got myself a Creative sound card, which comes with Creative Alchemy. This should allow me to play the game with EAX, so I was wondering: is EAX worth it in the game, or does it not make a huge difference to the regular sound?

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    You know, I honestly don't recall if it made much of a difference (I don't think it did for SoC), but then I'm comparing a quick runthrough from a few weeks ago to when I played 9 years ago.

    Anyhow, word on the internet is Stalker doesn't need ALchemy since it's OpenAL native. Why not toggle it and see what works for you?

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    Its worth replaying Stalker at any rate, especially with a couple of good mods.

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    Sounds like a plan. I'm definitely looking forward to returning to the uncanny naturalism of the Zone (and getting my face chewed on by mutant dogs).

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    EAX is broken in all the Stalker games even if you use Alchemy. It only works with some mods like Lost Alpha and Oblivion Lost Remake.

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