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Thread: I love Skyrim but good lord, could they milk it any more?

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    I can definitely agree on Oblviion's main quest, I really disliked it at the time. When I return to the game these days, I always completely ignore the main storyline and stick to the sidequests.

    Just out of curiosity though, what was wrong with the art direction? It's a little hard to remember what it was like back then, but I seem to remember the game was praised for it's visuals, style, and world building.

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    Oblivion's art direction was boilerplate fantasy, which is a far cry from Morrowind's brand of stark alien landscape. Of course, the in-universe reason is that it's set in Cyrodiil, which is closer to human mediaeval tropes than other places in Tamriel, but it's still underwhelming in comparison. The reason you're remembering praise for its visuals is because it was one of the first truly large next-gen RPGs at the time; and sure, Gamebryo's fuck ups notwithstanding, it was pretty from a largely technical point of view.

    Except for the faces. Those were and still are a war crime.

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