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Thread: Subnautica

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    Not really much different from other current games, really.

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    Yeah, Phillipa Warr can ruin anything.

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    Surprised to hear you say that, I think she's a good addition to the podcast.

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    If I remember her correctly from RPS, I liked some of her writing while other articles struck me as gratingly quirky (though I may be mixing her up with... Alice? Is it the two of them that are friends and refer to each other fairly often?). What did she say about Subnautica?

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    She has a lot to say about Subnautica, why not read her recent review. She's at PC Gamer these days btw, not RPS.

    Anyway, glad to hear the VR mode has been improved. IIRC when I tried it I played it sitting, using smooth turning with a gamepad. Apparently there's still no snap-turning, but playing it standing up with a wireless pad should make it a bit more bearable.

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    She's a pain, constantly laughing and then trying to be cute. It's painful to listen to, especially as her BF is on the show and he panders to her "quirky" nonsense. They sometimes have Alex Wiltshire on and he'd be a FAR better permanent cast member. It's that gratingly quirky bs I can't stand. Most of her reason for liking Subnautica seems to be "aren't fishies soooo cuuute?"/ She's responsible for a lot of derails and the podcast is less intellectual with her in it. Just my opinion.

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    Probably better marketing though. It's not a quantum theory podcast; they're talking about video games.

    Anyway, somewhere over the last few updates they must have changed how base integrity is computed. When I opened the game today I found my base was suddenly at -11 integrity and leaks starting bursting all over the place quickly flooding the whole base! I'll have to scrounge up resources for reinforcements and lose some of my pretty views now, not to mention not having access to the base until it's fixed.

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    The multipurpose room diagonal walls having reinforcement plating applied was previously incorrectly counted - doubling its effect (14 instead of 7 iirc). I bet that to be the cause of your sudden sinkage.

    Started a new game yesterday and played a few hours.
    * Streaming: it still has hickups, but much-much more infrequent and less severe. There definitely have been some improvements. Even near the mushroom forest it did not completely crap itself as it used to.
    * Recipes seem to be unchanged.
    * Sadly, most of the non-game-breaking polish/bugs are unchanged too.
    * Lots of voice acting and plot polish.
    * Hot happy that they did not revert the extremely-super-mega-double-fast swimming speed. It used to be that O2 management was relevant - thous days are long gone :/. Fun fact: if you lose your vessel near the "citadel" and don't have a seaglide either - just consider swimming back to surface. Kind of miss having to juggle between O2-time / swim speed / inventory space. Now i can have all three from start of game.

    Spawned nearly at the top of the vent at the back of Aurora this time. Did not know the valid spawn area reached that far back - nearest spawn was my first spawn ever. Which happened to be roughly in the same area - right above the second Degasi base.

    Due to my spawn location the lifepod event triggers are checked in unusual order. Having only scanner, knife and flippers i am getting signals for lifepods that are a bit out of my reach. But i try to get to them anyway - my subnautica playing rule: do what your character might do and ignore your foreknowledge (*).

    Always loved the terrain richness around the vent - found a decent spot for a base right away. Loving it.

    *) sole exception to the rule: grab the multipurpose room from mushroom caves the moment you get a seaglide or build multiple O2 tanks. This time i did not have to as i got a message to check it out before that. Also, due to my proximity to Aurora my character was much more willing to check it out sooner than usual. Went and cleared the first half even before seaglide - grabbed a few diamonds on my way back to make the cutter so i could go right back and finish exploring Aurora. Helps to avoid the battery/powercell overflow later on. Getting a free flashlight is a bonus.

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    Spent a few hours again ... a fast note is in order.

    Warning to new players!

    Do NOT pick up ANY "time capsules"! They are essentially unfiltered player made content designed to fuck up your normal gameplay. Time capsules contain (have not found a single one that does not match one or all of the following):
    * a picture spoiler.
    * text spoiler, unfunny joke or some inane smart-assery crudely hinting at the spoilery nature of the picture.
    * materials / products / blueprints you should not know exist let alone have.

    Attained knowledge of story points you can not unlearn - nor the blueprints. The rest can, luckily, be dismissed.

    Since i have played the game before i kept picking thous up out of curiosity - throwing away all the OP nonsense within. Up until i got a bunch of blueprints automatically for the endgame items it was full of. Fuck. Cannot undo that.

    edit: It appears that the blueprints are actually not given - only the data entries. Which is confusing. Have not confirmed myself.
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    I really want to like this game, but I'm finding it very annoying at the moment. The thing that's killing it for me is the limited oxygen supply. I want to explore around and check out this big beautiful open world ocean, but I hate being forced to return to the surface every 30 seconds to get air. It's really killing it for me. I'm guessing down the road I can upgrade my tank and dive down longer, but for the moment it's just making the game not fun at all.

    Anyone want to talk me off the ledge?

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    Without proper equipment, checking out the big open world will end up with you dead. I struggled a bit at the start as well, but once you find some of the nearby blueprints and get seawave and larger oxygen tank it becomes easier to explore.
    Its well worth it too, later on in the game there are some real "wtf" moments. For example, and this might be a slight spoiler, that big spaceship you crashed in? You get to explore the inside of that searching for gear and clues.

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    The starting gameplay is centered around survival and not like the rest of the game once you have what you need to be stable and able to openly explore. And it doesn't take too much work to get to that stable stage, relatively speaking.

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    I posted this in the "Freebies for everyone" thread, but in case you missed it (I know my eyes often pass over those stickied threads):

    Subnautica is free through the 27th on the Epic Games Store:

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    So our evil overlords at the Epic Store were gifting this gem a few weeks back and I took it.

    I built a seaglide to zip past the ocean and run away from nasties.
    I swam close enough to scan a reaper and lived to tell about it.
    I built my first (and only, so far) base near a thermal vent fitted with scanner room, moon pool and other goodies for setting out for long excursions.
    I explored both islands and the remains of the Degassi crew's bases there.
    I went into the Aurora, got into the captain's cabin to get the schematics for the rocket to get the fudge out of here, patching up the nasty radiation leaks coming from it while I was there.
    I watched the Sunbeam be obliterated by the alien building that turns into a BIG FUCK OFF energy cannon (what I assume also shot down the Aurora).
    I tangoed with a Watcher.
    I danced with a ghost leviathan (both juvie and adult).
    I killed 9 reapers around the Aurora crash site only with my hot knife and stasis gun.
    I built a seamoth, and then another, and then another, and then another (SS Ducky I thru III were reaper fodder).
    I build a prawn suit and have bitchslapped and drillslapped a reaper's face. Twice.
    I am (I think) only one piece to scan to have all three major parts to be able to build the cyclops sub.
    I took the deep dive into the Void and fell 8000 mts before I was teleported back to the surface.

    I have done all of this and more, and I am still having a blast, woooooo!

    Holy shit, this thing's addictive...

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    El Shagmeister
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    Dear Diary:

    Today I built the Cyclops's submarine. It's time to go deep.



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