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Thread: Is Elder Scrolls Online worth getting now?

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    FKA Buccura
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    Is Elder Scrolls Online worth getting now?

    I love the Elder Scrolls series, but MMOs have always been a hard sell with me. That being said, my friend tells me that ESO has come a long way since it came out and has several aspects that makes it stand out from the usual MMORPG mold. Should I take the plunge into this?

    Also, anyone know if there is much in the way of actual role playing in ESO?

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    I'd also like to know! I've had bad experiences with MMOs in the past, but might give ESO a try. Maybe.

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    I tried it when it first came out, but couldn't get into it. It just felt incredibly boring. I supposed I may have had more fun if I had gotten in with a group of some kind or had friends that played.

    I picked it up again a couple months ago and gave up after a couple of days.
    It basically felt like a lesser version of other MMOs, which was heart breaking as I love TES.
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    FKA Buccura
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    I gave it a try, and while I like some of the things it does like the combat, it just couldn't grab me despite my love for TES. It felt like it just couldn't decide even years later if it wants to be an MMORPG or a single player Elder Scrolls game.

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