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Thread: The Fighting TTLGers present: Arma 3 (a TTLG Coop Saturdays spin-off)

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    Thanks to henke (who was able to join after all), Jeshibu, Malf and demagogue for a weird, fun last session of 2019!

    We started with Dynamic Drug Raid (Tanoa), which started bloody enough, but while we had heavy initial losses, Malf and Jeshibu not only survived, they also destroyed the drug cache - possibly with a little help from an omniscient ghost or two. They then took the liberated pickup truck to the exfiltration spot, where a friendly chopper came and circled them for a minute or so without ever landing - so we declared the mission a success and ended it manually. Hooray! (Mission ending triggers not working may just be the most frequent Arma bug.)

    Next up: Guerillas in the Mist (Altis). After some impromptu war crimes (some say that Malf may just have grenaded some friendlies and their truck because we were overly cautious), we managed to clear the first objective, a small camp - but the second camp, complete with an aggressive MRAP, pretty much did us in. One after the other fell and bled out on that hill, until we were all dead. It was tense, it was tragic, and many a manly tear was shed.

    Finally, we tried our hand at Operation Bolero (Altis), where the mission was to keep enemy weapons to fall into the wrong hands. Or something. The objective wasn't particularly clear, but we did our best, until we fell into something of a Benny Hill routine, where one guy would go down, another would go and help him, then that guy would get shot, so a third guy would try to help the first and second, possibly getting one of them on their feet again, only to get shot again, rinse and repeat. All the while, Jeshibu and demagogue were on a nearby hill, ready to snipe any bad guys they saw (i.e. none) and observing the carnage happening to the rest of the team. Thankfully, the mission had respawn, so after we all got shot to bits, we went back in and henke took out the nasty MRAP with two well-aimed rockets. As the mission didn't end at that point, we lit up the enemy truck, in every sense of the word (we didn't have any proper grenades left, only smoke grenades and glowsticks, which made the truck look all Halloweeny), and then shot at it until it exploded. The mission still didn't finish, so we declared it a triumph. Huzzah!

    Thanks to everyone for the fun Arma sessions we've had in 2019. We'll be back in 2020, for more fun, friendly fire and script triggers not firing. Till then, don't get shot (too much)!

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    Ah you didn't notice all the bodies in the Bolero compound? There were at least 5 guys I sniped in there, and another 2 or 3 out in the streets. It was just those two MRAPs that kept taking all of you out. I couldn't do anything about them! I still tried. XD

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    Ah, sorry about that. I didn’t want to downplay your contribution. I just kept hearing Jesh say that you guys hadn’t fired a shot yet, and then I got distracted by all the getting shot.

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