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Thread: The Fighting TTLGers present: Arma 3 (a TTLG Coop Saturdays spin-off)

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    Small-scale but fun session today: since it was just henke, Jeshibu and myself, we played Escape on the Chernarus map. We were on the run for most of it and ended up getting blown to bits in a small, unnamed seaside village, but it was intense and enjoyable. I'll upload an uncut video of our second attempt at the mission, since the first attempt crashed after about five minutes, producing some weird bugs:

    (The strange streaking seems to be a problem with Vegas Movie Studio, since it wasn't in the original video. The truck suddenly flying past me at high speed, however, that was in-game.)

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    I miss these sessions but as I seem to be working most sat evenings its just really bad time zone scheduling. I enjoy the videos though.

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    Yeah, that is a shame. It's always fun to have you on one of the sessions. Here's hoping it'll work out again some time, because other days/times don't work as well for me.

    Anyway, here's the video (uncut) of our longest escape attempt yesterday. I need to get better at spotting people in the grass, because I swear I nearly stepped on henke and/or Jesh several times without noticing them there on the ground while they were bleeding out.

    Edit: I just found out that there's an option called "Wartorn" in the Escape options. If enabled, it will result in OPFOR (our captors) and BLUFOR (our side) engaging in occasional skirmishes, which would mean that the bad guys would be somewhat busy with other things than hunting us down and we might occasionally come across patrols that'd been killed. Next time we try to escape one of these maps, I'll try to remember to enable that function.
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    Change of plans: Instead of Arma 3, we're running a SWAT 4 session this Saturday, though at the usual time (see the coop thread for more info). As I will be away for the next two Saturdays, the next Arma session will only be in October. (I hear that a Humvee roadtrip in Lythium is planned!)

    The next Arma 3 coop session:

    Date: Sat, 3 October
    Time: 3-6pm UK time

    As always, I'll be online a bit before 3pm to set up the server and check who's online.

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