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Thread: The Fighting TTLGers present: Arma 3 (a TTLG Coop Saturdays spin-off)

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    sounds good.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    It really does!

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    Fun session tonight with henke, Jeshibu and Malf. The first mission was trash - we were defending a base in a snowstorm that wouldn't let us see the bad guys killing us constantly - but we then did a mission in Zargabad that was much better, even if we failed our first task (taking out a High Value Target flying in by helicopter). We did get the officer we were supposed to kill, though, henke expertly blew up two artillery trucks, Jesh took out as many bad guys as the rest of us put together, and Malf healed us up more times than we could count.

    If everything goes well, I should be able to put together a video of that second mission. In the meantime, I'm hoping to run another game in two weeks. As always, confirmation to follow.

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