Small session today with demagogue and Al_B. I wasn't sure at first if we should proceed, since Arma doesn't always work well with groups this small, unless the missions are designed specifically for this kind of thing. However, apart from minor problems blowing up some weapons caches it worked well: we first protected a convoy on Malden from attacking Russians, followed by looking for the aforementioned weapons caches in a Takistani village. The latter was more difficult and we almost got taken out by a military jeep with a machine gun on its back, but luckily I found an RPG lying around (one of the AI squad members had dropped it when he died) and, channeling my inner henke, blew up the enemy jeep. Still, there were a bunch of sharpshooters in dem dere hills, and they almost got the better of us, but we succeeded. Then we tried to use incendiary grenades to blow up the caches and didn't do particularly well... but after wasting a lot of ammo of various kinds, we still completed the mission and got picked up and taken to base by a friendly chopper. Hooray!

I'm not sure yet when the next session will be, but most likely it'll be in three weeks, on 9 October, as I'll be away for a week in between. As always, I'll confirm here and via Steam messages when the next game'll be.