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Thread: Look who's backlog reducin' now!

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    Good write-ups. Had a peek at Dark Train and Glitchspace and they seem interesting.

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    I can't recommend Glitchspace, but, then again, I dislike most platformers. I got it because I was at a stage where I wanted to check out how programming/hacking was done in different games, and, from that point of view, Glitchspace filled its purpose, but, as a game, it wasn't my thing. My dislike for platformers might be because I'm bad at them, but a good platformer, in my opinion, is one that makes me want to push through and improve. I have played like a handful that manages this (and even made me enjoy them), but Glitchspace was not one of them; the "hacking" part was not enough and there are also far superior games for that.

    Dark Train, on the other hand, is a game I can really recommend. A very specific part of it was like trying to eat soup with a perfectly good spoon, but where the spoon always insisted on pointing the wrong end towards the soup no matter how I tried forcing it not to, but the game, as a whole, perfectly made up for that and made me want to learn all the tricks and overcome the challenges. I was also surprised at how much exploration it offered. (free demo on itch)

    By the way, what's that other side-scroller game where you also manage a large vehicle with many rooms hidden inside? I think the vehicle was like a ship (instead of a train), maybe a side-wheeler, but wasn't always in water.
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    Far Sail was like that, but not at the scale you're suggesting (except at one point it kind of is, but even then you're probably not talking about just that one part).

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    Thanks, that's the one I was thinking about ( Not as similar as I thought: I haven't played it, but had vague memories of the vehicle appearing larger.

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    Ok not going with mystery challenge, but I got 30 mins to kill so I'll do a bit of backlog reducin. Limiting myself to 10 mins per game.

    Game 1: Ruiner

    I need to play some more of this one. Starting out I thought it was a melee centric type game, but it's similar to a heap of fast action arcade games. Once you start getting abilities and ranged combat, things get fun. The game keeps throwing "KILL THE BOSS" at you every few minutes. Who the hell is the boss? In my 10-ish minutes I did not get to find out.

    Game 2: Bloodstained - Curse of the Moon

    Another I need to play more of. This game OOZE'S NES style gaming. Much like Shovel Knight. Music is superb. Gameplay great.

    And that's all I had time for, as I went a bit over time wise.

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    Don't mind me, I'm just dusting off the ol' backlogging thread. I got a pile of games I've been meaning to play accumulating over the last few years. Let's see...

    on Steam:
    Heaven's Vault
    Human Resource Machine
    Kerbal Space Program
    Kingdom: New Lands
    Prison Architecht
    Robin Hood
    Shenmue I
    Take On Mars

    on Epic:
    LEGO: Builder's Journey
    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

    and I can't play these unless someone is watching! Hence this thread. Ok, so I'm gonna play at least 1 of these a week, for at least 1 hour, and then decide their FATE. Think I'll start with Kerbal Space Program. Been waiting so long to play that one the sequel's already coming out.

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    Kerbal Space Program

    I went to spaaaaace! Well, almost. I went to suborbit. This is a cool game, but y'know, as much as I like piloting big unweildy vehicles, I don't really like building them.

    FATE: Think I'm done with this.

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    It's going to take you a while, if you're going to play Everything on Epic.

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    I may have bit of more than I can chew with that one, nevertheless I will do it. I will play EVERYTHING! :I

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    Ok I played it. Pretty trippy! Honestly, I didn't even play 1 hour of it, felt like I'd had my fill after 38 min. It's cool, but I feel like I'd need to be on drugs to truly appreciate this.

    FATE: Done with it!

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    we finally have a winner!

    Kingdom: New Lands

    Played half an hour of this, was like "ok I get it" and stopped. Came back a while later and ended up playing 3 hours of it. There's something incredibly compelling about this simple little arcade strategy game where you just ride left or right and pay your subjects to do shit. My first run was a mess, but this is really one of those games where you need to fail once to get the gist of things. The gamedev in me is a bit in awe that someone managed to make a strategy game with just 3 buttons, tho the minimalism does have its downsides at times too, when you wish you could undo an action or your subjects are behaving in very stupid ways and it'd be nice to have more control over them. Anyway, I love it.

    FATE: Gonna keep playing.

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    This backlog reducin' Saturday I just added MORE games to my backlog instead of removing them, cause of that dang Steam Spring Sale. 4 new games, but don't worry, I played em right away and I will now decide their FATES.

    Cyber Taxi

    Maybe some of you remember the mid-90's hover taxi FPS Quarantine? The devs of Cyber Taxi do. It was a pretty wonky by fun taxi-drivin' and shootin' game that had a lot of issues with frenetic traffic and way too sensitive steering. Ripe fodder for a remake, one that could really take the good parts and iron out all the flaws of the original. Unfortunately, the devs of Cyber Taxi seem to think Quarantine did not HAVE any flaws, that all it needed was a fresh coat of paint. So that's what this is, a highly polished pile of crap.

    FATE: Uninstall (if it wasn't just 81 cents I'd refund it as well)

    Jezz Ball Atomic

    Another remake of a 90's game. A good remake. Very slick. Unfortunately I maybe had my rose tinted glasses on when I got a hankerin for more jezz ball. I mean, it's just jezz ball. It's eh... y'know, whatever.

    FATE: I don't know guess I'll keep it around

    Forklift Extreme: Deluxe

    I'm always up for some Staplerfahrer Klaus forklift physics arcade fun, and this is a good one of those. Good gameplay, lots of levels, lots of unlockables.

    FATE: I'll play more of it.


    You like Nitronic Rush? You like Distance? This is that. With some tweaks and twists. Looks great, sounds great, plays great. It's good!

    FATE: Keep playing

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