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Thread: TTLG community music collection

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    TTLG community music collection

    Hey all, long time no see. I'm finally alive again.
    I was stealing from Bafford the other day, (oh Benny, when will you learn?), and I remembered that there used to be a collection of music created by the folks that skulk about the TTLG forums. Just wondering if those songs exist anymore...if anyone has an archive I would be eternally grateful.

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    The Chicago stuff?

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    Tangentially, we need to have the creative stuff thread pinned, IMO. Been skipping through stuff in it --

    Reminded me that there's a song of Sombras's that I really like from before, and used to go into rotation on my playlist regularly: this one. Wherever you are, man, I tip my hat to you.
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    Hmm. I checked out that thread, and when I get home I will scope it out more. But the "collection", for lack of a better word, was Apoplexia, Paz, erm and a whole bunch of others.

    What is this Chicago you speak of?
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    Now that is a late reply. My post was from 2017.

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    It took you two years to check out that thread?

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to, but many years ago, me and Daxim hosted a server for all the TTLG musicians, maybe some 150-300 tracks, maybe more. I became ill, I couldn't maintain the server in my kitchen anymore, I believe someone else agreed to host, but my memory is very hazy, perhaps Daxim still remembers.

    I believe nowadays, TTLG musicians just post their stuff on youtube or Soundcloud, and post links here, there's no one focal point, no one server anymore. I do not have all the old tracks readily available, perhaps on one of my old backup HDs, but I live in a different country now and it's tricky for me to remember exactly what old stuff I brought with me. I think it's safe to assume that all the old TTLG musicians are on a backup CD in a box at my parents' place, little over 1000 miles away.

    Sorry to be so vague, but my memory is terrible, and a lot has changed since then. And if that was not your initial question to begin with, um, well, I know even less. I just know I used to host a server for TTLG artists.

    When I say "me and Daxim", I mean he remotely did all the work from his country, I hosted the hardware in mine. He did all the actual work. Perhaps he might have backups. Also, I just realised this thread is two years old, but my answer would still be the same.
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    I'm pretty sure he means these. My collection is probably not complete.
    # All that she remembers.mp3
    # Assesment.mp3
    # Chaser.mp3
    # Fallen Idol.mp3
    # Fascination.mp3
    # Luna Machina.mp3
    # Mortalus.mp3
    # Phantom Pulse.mp3
    # Silence is a Poem.mp3
    # The Way Out (Shodan Remix).mp3
    # Unfit Mindset.mp3
    # Vertigo.mp3
    02 Shot to Hell.mp3
    04 Android Light.mp3
    05 The Way Out.mp3
    07 Intellicoma.mp3
    09 Small Comfort.mp3
    12 Memory & Thorn.mp3
    13 Fortunate Soul.mp3

    Bay Root
    # After This.mp3
    # Bread and Jam.mp3
    # Coming Out.mp3
    # Coming Out_1.mp3
    # Cylimbing Pylons.mp3
    # Flawless (Live).mp3
    # Half Mast.mp3
    # Kill to breathe.mp3
    # Trunks.mp3
    # ultranormal.mp3
    # You look like a million dollars.mp3

    01 Flawless.mp3

    Brian Turcotte
    # Joined.mp3

    Call of Duty
    # ms tomrrow.mp3
    # strong like a god_1-2.mp3

    # funtoy.mp3
    # funtoy_1.mp3

    Livin Bord
    05 People Die People Cry.mp3
    06 Soldier Song.mp3
    07 Another war song.mp3
    10 Classic Commercial.mp3
    11 The Nipples Song.mp3
    19 With my eyes closed.mp3

    Living 4 Mistakes
    # Talent.mp3

    # 80s trip.mp3
    # Choir.mp3
    # CoffeeTime.mp3
    # Easyrider.mp3
    # JamFunk.mp3
    # Major7thremix.mp3
    # Starrfallsong.mp3
    # Zephyr.mp3

    My personal favourites were Livin Bord (STOP LOOKING AT MY NIPPLES!)

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    I love the nipples song. I've shared that one with most all of my friends.

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