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Thread: Brief Summaries of all the missions. T1/TG/T2/T3/TDM

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    Well done! I imagine all of this work will prove to be quite useful.

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    WOW!! There is a mind boggling amount of work behind this, Fortuni.
    Thank you

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    Amazing work fortuni.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Wow, you're just cool. Fantastic work! Thanks for the cool description of my missions.

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    What an impressive piece of work, fortuni Must've been a huge undertaking. This will really come of use. Thank you!

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    Very nice to see you, The Phantom!

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    Thank you so much Fortuni for giving us Taffers this update!

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Wow, a list like that has been a taffer's dream ever since the number of FMs got so high you couldn't remember it all (that is long, LONG time ago).

    Thank you fortuni for such an amazing contribution!

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    The Eye of the Gems, is Acideus Part 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Terra- View Post
    The Eye of the Gems, is Acideus Part 3

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    I'd appreciate a little help please!

    In some of the entries in these tables, I have included warnings or advise to players such as:-

    Keeper of Infinity
    Note: Soul Tear also released a 'lite' version for those players with lower spec computers as this FM is massively graphics intensive.

    Lord Maguire's Estate
    Note: Only play on Pickpocket, otherwise the objectives do not work.

    Something up There
    Note: You are advised to turn off NewMantle when playing this mission as this makes climbing up the tower a more realistic challenge, and as the author intended.

    Mr J's Ring
    Note: There are a couple of readables that you can not read in-game, but you can read them via your books folder.

    Saint, The
    Note: Nightwalkers walkthrough is based upon playing on expert, as are most of the hints in the forum.

    Seventh Crystal, The
    Warning: This mission contains some images of nudity.

    Shadows in our Blood
    Warning: There are scenes of strobe flashing lights in some cells making this mission unsuitable for some players.

    Treasury, The
    Note: There are some significant bugs in the caves when playing via Newdark which can be resolved by installing Voodoo's dml.

    Up in the Bonehoard
    Note: If playing via Darkloader you need to force Darkloader to recognise this mission as a TG mission. See here.

    But the are 100's of missions that I have never played to completion, and so have probably missed out on a large number of other missions that merit a special footnote.

    If you can think off any mission's brief summary that could do with a special note, a warning or significant gameplay issue that deserves to be included, just let me know and I'll get them added.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Warning: This mission contains some images of nudity.
    This is ridiculous, since it's just pixelized art. We're not in a bible study group, btw.

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    I couldn't remember the image, I haven't played that mission for years, I took that info off the forum where IIRC someone found it quite offensive. I'll remove that comment if it's just a pixelated image, but there are other missions that do contain images and/or scenes that some players may find offensive, so the point of such comments still stands.

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    It does seem silly, Thief is already rated M. Hard to cover everything that might offend someone (violence, drug usage, bad language, gambling, sexual situations, etc.)

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    A comprehensive and valuable resource for the community.

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    My thanks to fortuni for finding problems and Unna Oertdottir for providing dml fixes linked in the Summaries. We're very lucky to have you both.

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    I can't find A Wonderful Reception ( by Louve anywhere in your list. See here.
    Also, TDM's training mission should definitely be included. It's superb.
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    I didn't include A Wonderful Reception because it's a demo and I excluded the majority of demos, unless I considered them mini missions and worth playing, such as Droid, Batman and Throne room (ok so that ones rubbish but it makes me laugh). Also I'm not sure if you can beat the mission either, I certainly couldn't.

    There are a number of other demos that could merit inclusion, if you fancy putting a list together of other demo's you think are worthy of inclusion I'll consider them, but I don't want to fill these tables with 100's of rubbish and pointless demo's, it is after all a brief summaries of missions not demo's.

    As for TDM training, it's not a mission, just an exercise in picking locks, yeah wonderful stuff.

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    Fair enough. I read about a wonderful reception and thought it was a mission. Never played it, and the description didn't say anything about a demo. As for the tdm training, I'd say it's much more than an exercise in lockpicks. It's vastly bigger (and better) than most smaller fan missions I've played. You included other training-like missions (like TTGM), that's why I noticed it.

    Excellent work on this list though, nothing taken away from that.

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    I'll have a look at both again and probably include both of them, just for you.

    Edit: Both added
    Last edited by fortuni; 10th Oct 2018 at 15:20.

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    This work you have done Fortuni is amazing! My hat's off to you. I hope you don't mind me posting some corrections to a couple of my missions. Jenivere De Ja Vu was never part of the Love Story series. I simply used a modified version of it for two of the Love Story missions. I think I created a lot of confusion with all of the similar girl names used in the various Love Story missions, however Jeni was in LS1 and LS2, Jenifer was in LS3 and LS4, and Jaine was in LS5 Part 2. I don't recall mentioning any names in LS5 Part 1 though. Jenivere is actually the same character as Jenevere but only erroneously misspelled as Jenivere. She isn't any of the three girls mentioned in the Love Story series. I think the only three missions that needed editing are Jenivere De Ja Vu, Love Story I, and Love Story III please.

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    Wow this is an incredible list Fortuni, very impressive indeed. I also just read the little blurb about my mission (it's probably been there for some time now lol) and damn, way to pack on the pressure my friend!

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    I cant find The Wooden Box for the 72 hr contest. Does it go by a different name?

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    Well spotted Mr Perfectionist!

    How come I missed that one when I was a beta tester for it?

    Also added Dirty Money.

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    The fact that I spotted it is only a testament to how valuable I think this list is. Nowhere else has something this comprehensive been put together. I especially love the links to all of Unna's dmls.

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