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Thread: Thief relaxation

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    Quote Originally Posted by sNeaksieGarrett View Post
    Thief has phenomenal ambient background tracks. There's so many pieces that I like from both games.

    One that hasn't been mentioned here and really ties in with "relaxation" is The Horn Of Quintus track.
    Oh, yes. The Horn of Quintus. I sometimes play this mission just to hear the awesome track in context - not to mention loving it in any context for relaxation and escape... Good call!

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    Thief was always relaxing to me, even the creepiest parts it was relaxing.

    It is such a great game that just combines all your emotions into one and expresses it out into "Euphoria" or similar.

    Eric Brosius did a legendary work when he was making Thief. (For those who don't know, Eric is the guy who did the music AND sound)

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