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Thread: Thief 2 FM: The Rebellion of the Builder 2 (06 August 2017)

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    Thief 2 FM: The Rebellion of the Builder 2 (06 August 2017)

    That's right! This FM campaign is ready!

    I hope you all will like it. <--- French text & subtitles included.

    Taffers Paradise

    Also, to make updating the missions a bit quicker, here's the Missions Folder:
    TROTB 2 mission file updates


    Thread for Mission 1: "The Sands of Fire and Ice"
    Thread for Mission 2: "A Travel Through Smelter Volcano"
    Thread for Mission 3: "An Unexpected Confrontation"
    Thread for Mission 4: "A City with Problems"
    Thread for Mission 5: "The Secret of the Occult Woods"
    Thread for Mission 6: "The King's Request"
    Thread for Mission 7: "An Unwilling Secret Travel"
    Thread for Mission 8: "The Imposter"
    Thread for Mission 9: "The Forgotten Kingdom"
    Thread for Mission 10: "Sir Edward's Plan of Invention"
    Thread for Mission 11: "Destination Zeppelin"
    Thread for Mission 12: "The Falling Albatross"
    Last edited by nickie; 23rd Oct 2017 at 12:49. Reason: Added mission titles for my own convenience :)

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    Congratulations on the release!

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    Holy shit Congrats on the release! I will download it NOW

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    Congrats on the release! I already love it! <3

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    Congrats on the release Gort! Doesn't it mean that 15 other threads are going to be open (questions about missions)....? Have fun, it's a wonderful and unusual campaign!

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    Congratulations on the release!

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    Congrats GORT! Yeah, this will need a lot of threads if not its own sub-forum.

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    It might be a good idea to change the date format in the thread title to an unambiguous "6 August 2017". Folks like me used to the UK method of dating might read the date as currently stated as "8 June 2017" and think they have already looked at the thread.

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    Damn....I've only got 1.25 gig available until my next monthly allocation that starts in 2 weeks time.

    But HUGE congratulations to you GORT for this monster of a 15 mission campaign that has been in the works for years.

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    Congrats on the release!

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    A very big congrats, and also thank you very much for letting me participate in the very early stage of testing and voice acting

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    Congratulations GORT! Been looking forward to this one.

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    Link on taffers

    Let me know if the link stops working for any reason and ill check it and fix, but should be OK i did test it myself.
    Last edited by Lord Soth; 7th Aug 2017 at 13:03.

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    HUGE congrats, Gort!! Downloading.. have been looking forward to this!

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    wooooo hooo!!!!!

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    Thank you and congratulations on the release! I’m looking forward to play this one. I would be playing right now, but I have to trim some palm trees first. Your missions will be my reward for working hard on a Sunday.

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    Holy wow it's actually here!!! Congratulations Gort! Thank you for this huge (and I'm assuming) completely insane campaign

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    Congratulations, GORT! Been looking forward to this for a long time. Thank you, and everyone involved.

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    So fast? A campaign in this size deserves huge respect! THANKS FOR RELEASE, GORT!

    Downloading now...

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    Thou art a god.

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    Wow wow! Now that's large news. Congratulations on the release man!

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    Better start chopping up this thread into each mission, GORT. It's gonna be along haul before anyone completes this monster.

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    Congratulations on the release Gort!!!

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    Thank you GORT, you're the beast!

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    downloading now,grats on release

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