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Thread: Thief 2 FM - Raven Creek 8th Aug 2017

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    Thief 2 FM - Raven Creek 8th Aug 2017

    Hello everybody, my new Thief 2 fanmission is done, I hope you'll like it
    3 missions, first Mission is an intro mission. Languages are German, English, French and russian.

    Screenshots are here:

    Please note:
    - you Need NewDark 1.25
    - if you use FMsel activate "convert ogg to wav"
    - read your diary in your inventory

    Special thanks to fibanocci for his help
    Thanks to all betatester,. and for the translation to zappenduster (English and French) and MoroseTroll (Russian)

    Download: and here:
    and Southquarter:

    MoroseTroll told me that the russian translation wasn't complete, here are the complete translation

    Thanks to Lord Soth and Clearing for hosting the Mission
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    Thank you Christine! I will look forward to playing your new mission tomorrow after work.

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    Hallo Christine ich freue mich riesig, endlich wieder eine neue Mission spielen zu können. Vielen Dank dafür und weiterhin viel Erfolg!

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    Congrats Christine and Thank you so much for this new fm!

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    2017 is on fire!!! Thanks and congrats! Will play it after Project Hammer

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    Congratulations Christine

    I have very much been looking forward to this one, and just quickly opening it up it looks gorgeous, will have fun with this one tonight.

    btw the mission starts fine via FMsel so do not understand the meaning of this instruction? FMsel didn't ask me to do anything, do I need to fix something before playing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Christine View Post
    Please note:
    - if you use FMsel activate "convert ogg to wav"

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    Some of the hammerite voices are in ogg format, fmsel convert it in wav format, if you have activate it in your install options. Otherwise some of the hammerites will be silent.

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    Dóttirin klęšist oft móšur möttli
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    Converting the oggs to wav isn't necessary unless there are big ogg files and lower PC specs. But It won't hurt.

    From the FMSel readme
    Install Options Options for installing archived FMs.
    ● Convert OGG to WAV – Convert OGG sound files to WAV during FM installation. The game can play OGG files
    but it can under some circumstance cause short hiccups, on less powerful computers, performance heavy
    missions or with large OGG files. In such cases it might help to convert them to WAV files during installation.

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    Congratulations for the release Christine, i will be playing this one very soon...

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    Congratulations on the release!

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    awesome !
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    A lovely new FM. Thanks for release, Christine!

    With TROB2 and this FM this will be a thiefy summer!

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    Congratulations on the release, Christine! And thank you.

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    Danke, Frau Schneider!

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    Thank you so much Christine!

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    Christine this is a wonderfully beautiful mission and I especially loved the dolls house in the toy makers house

    But I have noticed a number of books could still do with proof reading. I proof read the books that zappen sent to me, but in the mission there are a number of books that were not in the file that he sent me, I don't understand how that happened, but if you give me a couple of hours I'll go through all of the books again and post later tonight.

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    oh, I just put the books in it that zappen sent to me.

    It would be great if you could proof reading it again

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    Thank you fortuni

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    Wait a short while Lord S

    Christine is shortly going to update the download link, some of the books did not get proof read correctly.

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    Here are the Russian books, courtesy of MoroseTroll, hope we're not too late.

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    Thank you very much, fortuni

    I'm uploading a new version, but I have problems with dropbox, too much traffic today

    If someone could host this mission it would be great, I would sent the new version. Just let me know.

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    I don't like Dropbox, I use Gdrive, never had a problem uploading or downloading from there and I have a lot of walkthroughs posted on that site, but never heard back from anyone saying they can't d/l from Gdrive.

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    @ Lord Soth - I'm uploading the new version with the russian translation, I'll pm you the link soon

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