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Thread: Thief 2 FM - Raven Creek 8th Aug 2017

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    Thanks, Christine! I just downloaded this, but when I launch it from FMSel, it launches in Thief Gold. (Which is weird, because it's definitely in my Thief2 FM directory.) I can move around the starting room and open the door, but I can't go *through* the door - it's like there's an invisible wall there. Any ideas what might be going on?

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    Never mind - I uninstalled, forced FMSel to rescan my FMs, and reinstalled, and now it opens in Thief 2.

    And now I need to figure out where to download a more recent version of NewDark...

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenie2600 View Post
    I need to figure out where to download a more recent version of NewDark...
    The most comfortable way of installing NewDark for Thief 2 is TafferPatcher, available here: For Thief 1, use TFix instead, available at

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    Fantastic job with this mission! Really enjoyed playing through it and the doughnuts are great lol!

    I did find a small spelling error in part three where an apple item was spelled "Appel." Not a big deal at all but just thought I'd share.

    Thanks for the great mission!

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    The attention to detail, range of view and the amount of well-matched custom resources is unbelievable here. Best of the best in this matter.
    For now I didn't play much too say something about the gameplay.

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    First let me state that I have a pretty decent pc with a GTX 1080, a fast processor, and 16GB of RAM. However, I am experiencing poor frame rates in several outside areas with this mission. For instance, the area at the beginning next to the canal and wooden tables next to the pub. The frame rate takes a dive down into the low 40s there. Also in level 2 when standing near the baskets with fire in them. Again in level 3 near the water well and pumpkin head scarecrow, and the center stone path with a patrolling guard, and again near the canal. Seriously, the frame rate is wildly inconsistent in this mission. I even experienced areas near the canal and around the Hammerite temple in level 3 where the frame rate dipped into the high 20s. I am just disappointed that this seems to be ok with everyone here. I just went through over 200 of my older fms and played just about all of them (except for a few recent missions) with a solid 60fps frame rate that never budged. I will have to pass on this one. Nothing takes me out of the immersion of a mission more than inconsistent frame rates. I certainly hope this is not the direction that newer FMs are heading.
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