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Thread: A ThiefGener attempts to finish a Dark Souls game (DS2: SotFS)

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    A ThiefGener attempts to finish a Dark Souls game (DS2: SotFS)

    I just had to get in on this "show off your boss fights" routine. This battle turned out to be quite epic, I almost died a couple of times right near the end. But I prevailed! (it really wasn't that hard, I just did dumb things).

    I think I have about 10 more bosses before the end of the base game, and then there's the DLC, hoping to get one of these up every couple of days. It is kind of fun in a weird way to watch your own fights when you're not actually doing them.
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    The only thing missing was the emote at the end. You have to do that. It's the law.

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    I don't emote (mainly because I play offline). I also don't summon, though we'll see how long that lasts.

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    I rarely ever summoned myself. Think I might've done it about 5-6 times throughout all three games.

    But emoting? Yeah, you gotta do that. Especially after you record yourself beating a boss. IT'S THE LAW!

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    Brethren, you should try at least letting others summon you to help them with a boss fight or help them through a difficult area. It's way more fun than you realize and it's a great way to farm souls. It took me a while to play online, too, but now I regret the period when I strictly played offline. It really adds a whole new dimension to these games.

    And oh yeah, you don't have to play online to emote.

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    Put away The Demon of Song a few nights ago, haven't got around to posting it until now. A fairly easy battle, he got one hit in on me at the beginning but not a scratch after that:

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    And that, sir, is how you emote!

    I've never bothered watching a video of the Demon of Song fight before. It really lets you appreciate just how creepy that thing looks.

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    While it's one of the easier bosses in the game, it's also one of the more unique. Getting there in one piece is a little more challenging though.

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    Yes, I learned to hate those witches who shoot soul arrows at you in the swamp. I'm at the end of Undead Crypt now, which is probably worse though. Hoping to have a Velstadt vid up soon.

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    Undead Crypt wasn't all that bad.

    ...except for those fucking bells.

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    But that section when you drop down the hole is pretty tough if you try to stick around long enough to try and loot the joint. Also, the section leading up to the boss fight is more challenging than the actual boss imo.

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    Not if you run past it.

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    Slighty bummed, my fight with Velstadt didn't make it, PS4 wouldn't save my footage. So here's the next in line - the Guardian Dragon. I didn't expect to win this round, was just trying to figure out the best way to dodge his attacks (which is why I didn't even hit him until 2 min in), but eventually I chipped away and took him down (2nd attempt overall).

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    Next up - Giant Lord. Funny, it was my first time in a memory, and I didn't know there was a boss waiting for me, and I also didn't know there was a time limit. Didn't matter, mowed him down, first try. Pretty easy, but just barely made it under the wire:

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    Smelter Demon gave me so much trouble, I quit a while back after multiple tries and decided to return when I was stronger. Finally got back there and put him down, but it was still was no easy task. I know I'm taking big time fire damage, but I figured I'd just keep using my Estus (which I actually ran out of):

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    Yep, Smelter Demon seemed very challenging to me too the first time around. But once you learn all his moves he becomes one of the easiest bosses in the series, he's slow and telegraphes all his moves very clearly. I didn't figure that out until my 2nd playthrough though.

    I think the fight would be over sooner if you used some lighter weapon to lay more attacks between his ones. Or some heavy blunt weapon, it does wonders against him, especially 2h jump attack.
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    This one took me several tries, I'm not good on the tag team routine. Finally I decided they didn't hit all that hard, and sometimes you just have to take your licks to get a few in.

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    And, it is done. Victoly. The Old Bag goes down fairly easily. And I win.

    On to the optional bosses and some DLC. I took a couple of shots at the Ancient Dragon tonight, and well yeah, it wasn't pretty. So more work to do.

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    Nice dodge at 1:04!

    So what are you gonna play next? DS1 or 3?

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    Oh, wow, something else maybe? I did buy DS3, but I also might be a bit burned out at this point. I think I might need something lighter like Zelda or Mario to ease up on the perpetual darkness and sadness.

    But damn, it would be nice to take down that Ancient Dragon...

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    Holy crap. You've now done something I've never even attempted to do. Congrats.

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    Two words: HELLSYEAH

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    Nice. That's all at SL1, right ? That's even nicer. Such a long fight.

    I've done one run through DS2SotFS. Killed everything, except Fume Knight (can't beat him), Alonne (can't get there), Lud&Zallen (tried twice, fuckem), Darklurker (no idea where he is) and Burnt Ivory King (my NPCs kept dying). I killed Ancient Dragon, but it was easy. If you stand between the toes of his left hind-leg, he doesn't fly up and doesn't do his dragon-breath. All you need to watch out for was that he didn't step on you. Maybe I'll return to Fume one day, but I don't have much time to play.

    The last DS thing I did was start a SL1 run in DS3, in July. Looking at my copied savefiles, I can see I started 16th July. On the 19th I had made it to Pontiff. Couldn't beat him. So I decided to kill Dancer first. So I could get more titanite chunks and get my weapon to +10, maybe get the ring from Champion Gundyr. Couldn't kill Dancer either. Got her to 30% few times. I've tried a few more times since then. But only 20-25 minutes at a time, doing half a dozen attempts or so. I don't think I can do it. Pretty depressing, considering the amounts of time I've wasted playing all 3 DS games. And still I can't kill a boss that others kill with ease. Maybe I shouldn't go back to Fume Knight either. I did finish DS3 NG++, I could go for NG+++. I've soloed all bosses in DS3, except Friede. Maybe I should try that.

    The weird thing is, I've been spending a lot less time playing games during the last 2 years (because of job). But I find it hard to find a game I enjoy. I didn't finish Prey. I didn't finish Senua. I plan on finishing DH2. But everytime I wanna play a game, I think "I wanna play a DS game in stead". Maybe I should try to make Demon Souls run in the PS3 emulator on Windows.

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    No, this is just a standard run. This is my first time through any Souls game, so I'm just happy to have gotten this far. All those obscure play styles like playing armed with only a soup ladle or stripping down to your underwear and headbutting all of your enemies, I'm a long way away from trying that. But I think now only after killing Vendrick will I feel like I actually completed DS2. Then of course there is the DLC, which I've heard is very hard.

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    Ah, sorry. I confused you with Malleus, who is doing SL1 runs in DS2. My apologies.

    Grats for finishing the game !
    You know that DS2 SotFS comes with all the DLCs right ? (At least when I bought DS2 SotFS in 2016, I got all the DLCs included). So you can continue a bit if you want. Warning, the bosses in the DS2 DLCs are a lot harder than the bosses in the regular game. There is a clean line between base game and DLCs, so you could just do something else. And then come back whenever you feel like it, to finish the DLCs. The DLCs are rather large. I enjoyed fighting my way to the bosses and exploring the new areas. The bosses themselves are a different story, as some of them are pretty difficult. I enjoyed the bosses in the base game better.

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