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Thread: Translators wanted for DCE

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    Translators wanted for DCE

    I'm about to that point finally, and while I've had a few offers of translation work over the years, I don't even remember who they were from. I'm also not sure which if any of the folks listed in the Translators Guild thread are still active. So, I'm just going to ask here in my own thread for translators for Death's Cold Embrace.

    I'm hoping for at least French, Italian, Russian and German.

    A word of caution before you offer: This is a very large project. Currently there are 176 .str files in the books folder, which includes conversation subtitle files containing around 350 lines of dialogue. Then there are the object names, a handful of translated textures, and 10 map pages - I can create these if you provide the translation, or I can provide PSP or PSD files for you to do it yourself. But it's a ton of work.

    Please email me at wearytaffer(at) if you can help and have the time to commit.

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    Yandros, how much time is there for translation? At Least approximately?

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    If the translations are to get into the initial release, probably 2-3 weeks. But it would be no problem to include them in an early update, which will undoubtedly be required to address some issue discovered after release, and which will probably be just a few weeks later than that.

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