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Thread: Deprived DS2 dex-faith run

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    Deprived DS2 dex-faith run

    From the guy that bought you Fashion Souls, here is my new character -- short shorts, short sword and an even shorter temper -- facing off against my first boss. Got him on my second attempt; made a silly mistake on my first but playing completely hollow leaves little room for error. I'm also following the recent trend to post some of my more interesting boss fights from time to time.

    Having picked this up for $11 on the recent PS4 sale, I've decided that I'm going to play through as a Faith-Dexterity build this time. Strangely enough, for all of the hours that I've poured into the series I've never tried a Cleric character before. I also decided to start off as Deprived to make the initial sections of the game a bit more challenging.
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