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Thread: Upload woes

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    Upload woes

    When inserting an image from URL the checkbox for "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" is checked by default. It then throws an error when you try to insert ("error: Invalid URL") that is difficult to get out of. Happens every time.
    To actually insert an image from URL you have to uncheck this checkbox first.

    Possibly for the same reason uploads from Tapatalk don't work.

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    Have done some investigation and it appears to be a common issue with vb4. Although not ideal I've removed that particular option to avoid having to uncheck the box manually which should at least alleviate some of the headaches.

    (Note - you may well have to empty your browser cache for the the change to be seen. The checkbox is added in a dynamically loaded javascript file so doing a hard (or soft) refresh of the page may still load it from your local cache).

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    It works. Thank you, Hackerman.
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