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Thread: Oblivion? ... Oblivion!

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    Oblivion? ... Oblivion!

    Wondering how this game has aged. Well, why not try out ... (in case you have forgotten what oblivion is - a humorous 36second reminder love the pathfinding)

    ~20 hours and 2 crashes in - and it ain't bad. Quite like it actually.

    Decided to play as a Breton. A "comfortably off" beginner battle-mage (no armor / weapons allowed - except staves) who sees himself as mostly a good person, but is easily blinded by power and can justify any action towards that (except murder). He is a sneaky schemer.

    * race: Breton (M) - don't care naming things, so: "Brat"
    * birthsign: Thief
    * specialization: Magic
    * favored: Intelligence, Willpower
    * major skills: Alchemy, Conjuration, Alteration, Destruction, Restoration, Illusion, Sneak

    * Darnified UI (UI demoronizer - BAIN version)
    * MenuQue (needed for Oblivion XP Update)
    * OOO - Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul - Updated (to remove fitting the world to player level)
    * Oblivion XP Update (to replace the completely broken default leveling using default settings -> upgrading any non major skill cost twice as much, cannot be master of everything [with Darnified compatibility])
    * Oblivion Script Extender (needed middleware)
    * Unique Landscapes Compilation (more interesting world - excluded better cities as it seems to cause too much problems even with compatibility patches)
    * Unofficial Oblivion Patch (well, duh!)
    * Alternative Start Arrive by Ship (that damn amulet may remain with the rat - i enter at Anvil)
    * Natural Environments (better weather)
    * Supreme Magicka (slightly better magic)
    * Grass Overhaul (for too high grass)

    Using "Wrye Bash" to set up the mods - never heard of it before. Quite complicated little thing - first mod-setup was a failure. Misunderstood way too much of its inner workings (assuming good knowledge of TES modding you are still pretty much guaranteed to mess things up), but second try after reading a lot about it was a success.

    "Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul" and "Oblivion XP" are pure gold. If you see a rat - fight. If you see anyone else - be scared! If you see anything big or with pretty armor - RUN!

    Lockpicking minigame is unbelievably annoying (whenever i run out of "open X lock" scrolls and the lock is over my spell level), not terribly hard - just damn annoying. Decided to go "player.additem a 10000" in future and spam autopick and abandon that if it takes too many tries in comparison of me doing the minigame.

    * 1 advanced alchemy apparatus stolen from Skingrad (too scared to steal stuff from Mages Guild - need to get into Arcane University). It was not used, i bring it back later.
    * X items from Mystic Emporium (basically anything of considerable value). The shopkeeper is a thief - claiming to have the best prices yet "Edgar's Discount Spells" has much more reasonable stuff. Very rude. Besides, try as i might, i could not convince him to sell me the feather boots he clearly had for sale.
    * Nicked some benign papers from Amantius Allectus. It was a silly challenge thing - you would understand. The contacts might prove useful in future.

    What was the point of this post? Given the lack of recent threads i really do not need one - just sharing.

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    FKA Buccura
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    Even though I consider both Morrowind and Skyrim to be better games, Oblivion still has a certain magic and quirkiness that makes it special also those live action Oblivion skits are brilliant.

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    I've never had a mage type character I was entirely satisfied with. I always felt like I was pushed towards conventional weapons for any fight with more than a couple of opponents, even if I poured everything into having the most Intelligence and Willpower I could. They've always come out battlemages for me, emphasis on the "battle". Of course, I have yet to do a modded playthrough, so I might have an entirely different experience in the future.

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    Location: Third grave from left.
    Oblivions quirkiness is quite special - the random banter dialog is still absolutely hilarious.

    Not sure what mods do the most work, but so far i have stayed pure mage (level 10, just got Int and Wil to 100. Having never used any armor / weapons, except the wand i started with - which i sold when i saw the recharge cost) having not too much trouble dealing with 3-4 fast level 16 opponents at the same time. Unless i mess up bad, panic, and get stuck in a corner.

    Oblivion XP Update - the vanilla leveling is completely unplayable for me. I remember my second time playing Oblivion and having to restart because killing the Skingard mages quest zombies was literally impossible - 1v1 my dps was lower than its health regen. The first time was much worse.

    OOO, Oblivion XP and Supreme Magicka all buff mages in some ways (not sure which ones end up overriding which).

    I credit Supreme Magicka for (since i am not sure what comes from what):
    * sneaking mage works (helps to avoid aggroing the whole level)
    * mana pool and regen you can get high enough to live on (might be Oblivion XP, HP regens reasonably fast outside battle too)
    * there are lots of spells, new and old, sold everywhere
    * spells (yours AND, unfortunately, opponents) can stagger / make you fall to the ground
    * opponents can flee if you are scary enough for them (i think that is entirely OOO tho)

    Currently i have zero useful trinkets (well, besides the feather boots i liberated) - relying entirely on my spells. Bad luck i guess. Used to quaff a lot of magika potions, but since i have not upgraded my spells (still using the 20dmg ones from Anvil/Skingrad ... should have bought the upgrades when i encountered them ... a bit dumb of me [opted to not use fast travel to get the most of Unique Landscapes]) - i can just spam spells without worry.

    Definitely playable as pure mage now. Not having to deal with armor/weapon degradation and their weight is an extra bonus (my current battle attire totals under 1 feather).

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    Registered: Jul 2014
    It's sacrilege but I actually like Oblivion the best mainly because the thieves guild and dark brotherhood quest lines are fantastic. Also the Sheogorath expansion is excellent. The main quest has a great concept and has a good finale but is definitely a chore to complete.

    Hated the thieves guild and dark brotherhood quests in Skyrim. Skyrim has better progression and combat though.

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    I feel the same way as Tannis... I got Oblivion bundled with my PS3 way back in the day and must have played that game for 300 hours at least... Completed every single guild questline in the game using the same character, so Im not really sure what he was in the end... Never got around to finishing the main quest (which today I regret)...
    Skyrim I oonly played for maybe 20 hours, then lost interest... Hard to put a finger on why... Maybe I just got older.

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    My main memories of Oblivion were playing it on it's PS3 port. Hording books (all of which had pretty damn good stories within), trying to play as a mage and getting my ass kicked. Surviving only by constantly running backwards. Did some quest where I had to go into a painting and constantly got slaughtered by trolls who only could be killed via melee weapons. Got sick of the game after a few days, and then moved onto Demon Souls and never looking back. Level scaling in the game was just stupid.

    Tried the PC version a couple of years ago. Modded it to fix the scaling issues, played for a few days then I dunno. Lost interest. Seemed far better than the PS3 version.

    Skyrim in comparison. Absolutely loved that.

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    Yea i just did my 4th round of this game in almost ten years. Its classic i never got to play morrowind i hear its also very good, i played skyrim hated the the gameplays ease. The graphics were fantastic at the time though. I would love to see abetter combat system in the games though, one such as mount and blade or chivalry.

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