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Thread: Thief 2 Campaign: Death's Cold Embrace (Oct 25, 2017)

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    He knows! He contacted me through Youtube when I released the first video a few months ago. I emailed him Wed night to let him know and he replied.

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    How cool Hope all is well with him and that he revisits TTLG at some point.

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    While investigating a few things, I noticed that in the three versions (English/Russian, German, French) there are some .mis and .gam files which are not identical in all three versions. miss20.mis even has a different timestamp in all three versions. I'm curious... why that is the case - if it was on purpose at all?

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    That one should be the same, I'm looking into why it's not. But 21, 23 and 24 should all have different times on both mis and gam files because we had to handle different numbers of Hammer voice sets in each language. But I managed to mess something up because in 21 at least, some of the Hammers are mute in French and German both. There will be an update at some point.

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    Congratulations to the whole team Yandros! I actually am finishing up my little project here myself but I think I'll sit on it for awhile as my attention is focused on this!

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    Congrats to all who worked on this series of missions!

    Btw Russ there is a typo in the first point under 'Important Stuff.' Version is typed as Versiom.

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    I'm in the third mission and and it is a blast!

    Absolutely stellar work and already my favorite campaign of the year!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    He knows! He contacted me through Youtube when I released the first video a few months ago. I emailed him Wed night to let him know and he replied.
    I know alright. Just no way to retrieve my old account. Thoroughly enjoying the story so far. It has come a long way.

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    Hiya Poly! Yes the story got a huge rewrite in 2008 after you were gone.

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    It's to be expected. How you managed what was supposed to be single city map into multiple missions I might never know. Very well done.

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    Well, I've just finished and ... wow ... I am blown away. Absolutely wonderful stuff. The missions played like a dream. Loved the scary bits, the snow/atmosphere, the main story plus all the side stories developing ... oh, just everything. Superb job Yandros and all the team

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    Just finished the first play through. Iím staring at the screen with this large grin on my face. It was incredible. Strange, but incredible.

    Loved that you kept the movie theatre ending. And seeing garret running into the alley was a nice surprise.

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    i found something i want to see if it was ment to be in game in the city to the left of the hammer chapel is a building looks like a mini city watch,but you can jump from balcony to the roof across and from there pretty much use roofs to get to any area,including area's not ment to get to

    not sure if anyone seen that yet^

    one small other issue i had was during gameplay when a new song would come on in background there was a micro delay in movement,nothing major just something i am guessing my pos comp does due to something
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    Wow, I remember still being in highschool when DCE was announced . I was drawn to the atmosphere oozing from the screenshots back then and I'm totally immersed while playing this campaign now. It has that oldschool, pre-newdark atmosphere to it, and I love it! I really like the music, too! Just finished the first mission and going into the next one.

    Thank you for this wonderful halloween present !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tshara View Post
    Just no way to retrieve my old account.
    We can do that. I've sent you a pm.

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    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, thank you so much for this!

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    Some minor nit-picking things I have noticed.

    * The Signs texture family show up as garbled colours when I play. I think they are the only texture families that use Gif images.
    * The mission maps do not seem to match the interface correctly. Especially the Dayport ones where the branch sticking out (left under) is noticeably lighter in colour.
    * Very abrupt texture change for the road under the east city gate. Might want to change that to the gradual snow one.
    * Minor design choice. The city gate signs look a bit awkwardly placed on the ceiling. Why not just place them on the wall?
    * In the Hammerite area there is a page with a sermon for the day after. However in later missions this is still there while time has passed. So they give the same sermon twice?
    * This is probably influenced by my own past memories. The interior of Fairbanks manor seems somewhat underutilised. There is not a whole lot of reason to explore the upper floor or cellar.
    * In the Keep map it’s very easy to skip elemental enemies by jump running along the parapet of the outer wall.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Which language ZIP are you playing? The signs textures having garbled palette was fixed early on in testing and I know it works properly in English.

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    Itís the English version. But there are some Russian files in there as well I noticed.

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    First of all - huge thanks and congratulations on the release! I'm at the first mission so far and it looks very neat. I haven't played anything snowy for a looong time!

    Just a quick question - will I lose much of a fun if I play on Hard instead of Expert? Last few fanmissions I tried took way too much of my time, so I prefer to drop the extreme difficulty level in favor of a more fluid gameplay experience. But I may change my mind if it mean having a lot of interesting places inaccessible.

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    As far as I have seen you will not miss any areas if you choose a different difficulty. I started on normal myself just for the first experience. Working my way through the other difficult settings now.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Areas? No. Just more guards, higher loot requirements and some no-kill objectives on higher difficulty levels.

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    Ah, that's good. I'll continue on Hard then, knowing the length of the campaign.

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    Thank you for this great campaign.

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    A new FM is always welcome, but a few queries. What is the premise and how many missions are there? is this a full length game like T2X or maybe something shorter like Dracula? I am sure it will be great in any case, was just wondering.
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