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    I'm low key looking forward to IGI Origins. The first one from back in the day was pretty good, like Goldeneye for PC.

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    The Game Awards trailer round-up

    Ken Levine's new studio's game!

    Looks Bioshocky-y! Has one of the sea-shanties from AC4! Ok! Sure!

    Holy shit just LOOK at this barrel-full of insanity. Can't wait.

    As great as Elden Ring was, I'm glad to see Fromsoft doing anything but another souls-game. Never played an Armored Core before, might play this one.

    Also TLOU and Returnal are coming to PC.

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    oh also

    totally unrelated to Game Awards

    PIZZA TOWER is coming out next month

    Look at this game.


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    I want to be hyped about this in theory, but it also looks like it's already 20 years behind the curve.

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    Best thing to come out of TGA:

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    I want to be hyped about this in theory, but it also looks like it's already 20 years behind the curve.

    Larian's actually the one dev capable of engineering systemic emergence from simple interactions of mechanics and simulated systems in their RPGs, so I wouldn't write off BG3 that quickly. It does look rather stiff in motion, because their last few games were stylised bright fantasy worlds and BG3 seems to be taking a more realistic approach and so approaches the uncanny valley almost exponentially in comparison. Beyond the art, it could be one of the most freeform narrative RPGs to be released in some time, if they get the mechanics right.

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    2023 HYPECHECK

    Actually, let's look at what I was hyped about a year ago:

    Skin Deep
    System Shock
    Lorn's Lure
    That new Zelda

    Yup, ok. Well.. still hyped about all of those, so what else:

    El Paso, Elsewhere
    Skate Story
    Amnesia: The Bunker (Frictional have been sharing short clips from this on twitter and it looks a lot more systems-driven and open-ended than earlier entries)

    And I don't think anyone's posted about PSX-style dinosaur survival horror FPS Compound Fracture yet, so get a loada dis:

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    I'm looking forward to:

    Forspoken (PS5)
    Stalker 2

    (Oh yeah, and Tangiers and Routine...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    These two to begin with. At least Firmament seems to actually come out this year. Tangiers' release seems more uncertain: last I heard, the devs were working on remaking some other game (which might be good in its own right, but, well, it's not Tangiers).

    I'm still hyped for Memory of a Broken Dimension, but—as someone said in the Steam forums—the dev seems more interested in forever tinkering with it than actually releasing it.

    Cognition Method shows promise: ever since I first played Control, I have wished for a similar game, but without the combat, focusing instead on puzzle solving and exploration. Cognition Method could be that game. At least, that's what I thought when playing the prologue (first demo), but after playing the second demo, I'm not so sure any more. I worry that the devs might not have a clear enough vision of what they want or of what works and doesn't (more surface than substance maybe). Anyway, I'll keep an eye on it.

    QUO has a premise similar to CM (Control without combat (more than CM)), but focuses more on horror in a backrooms setting. I liked the demo enough to keep an eye on the full game whenever it releases.

    The Silent Swan is again a game based on exploration, but seems to focus more on story (about a man looking for his wife lost in some unnamed distant war, leaving all cities abandonded). It reminds me a little of Empathy: Path of Whispers, but with a very different architectural style (sort of brutogothic if that makes any sense).

    Other games I'm looking forward to:
    Shadows of Doubt
    Arctic Awakening
    The Invincible
    Playhear : Square Paper City
    ARTIFICIAL (puzzle game kind of similar to Portal)
    Discolored 2 (1 was way too short and ended when it was just about to start, so I've been hoping for more)

    I've got more games on my wishlist than I will probably ever have time to play.

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    Mimimi's latest - a stealth-strategy game featuring a crew of cursed pirates!

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    System Shock
    Obviously! This will be a day 1 play for me whenever it does drop.

    Stalker 2
    This one won't be a day 1 play. If past history is any indication, it will take multiple patches before I'm ready to jump in.

    I missed this before:

    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    oh also
    totally unrelated to Game Awards
    PIZZA TOWER is coming out next month
    Look at this game.
    Wow, what a trailer. It's unlikely the gameplay will be able live up to the style, but that looks fun to try.

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