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Thread: A Thief game that uses the Hitman 2016 model?

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    A Thief game that uses the Hitman 2016 model?

    This is something I've been pondering for a while as to whether or not it could work. Imagine this, a Thief game that rolls out levels episodically like Hitman 2016 did, and each level was a large, open non-linear area that you were completely free to choose how you go about (With no points of no return like Thief 4, or Hitman Absolution for that matter), and ever one was simply there is a McGuffin to steal, the rest is up to you. No missions that revolve around you meeting someone to get information or whatever, every single one is all about stealing an item of importance while also taking everything valuable along the way. As you progress you get upgrades to your gear that allow some customization to the play style, but still all revolve around being stealthy. Perhaps, similar to contracts mode, there could be a mode where players can place special loot items about the level that others have to steal, along with some equivalent of Hitman's "Elusive Targets". As for the story, I dunno imagine something written by people who didn't write the Thief 4 story that revolves around Garrett and his shenanigans with the criminal underworld.

    I know it's not likely to happen, hell we aren't likely to get a new Thief anytime soon anyway, but still, I feel like if done right it's a model that could work for Thief.

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    That was the idea behind the difficulty levels in the original Thief games, wasn't it -- the same mission, but somewhat different objectives, GoldenEye style.

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    it shall be called "the gems of sornoth" a tale of garretts first big heist in the city,but all did not go as planed

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    Gather ROUND, kids!

    The CREATION and RELEASE of episode PACKS has been suggested BEFORE by someone MUCH smarter than ANY of US.


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    FYI, at least according to SE's overblown sales expectations, new Hitman didn't sell well (and IO was sold, and then bought back by some people), so that model wasn't the best idea, from a dev/publisher perspective. But, if there's one thing AAA industry would want to exploit right now, it's the lootboxes idea, and Thief universe would support that "business model" very well, don't you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    The CREATION and RELEASE of episode PACKS has been suggested BEFORE by someone MUCH smarter than ANY of US.
    Hahaha, I'd missed that thread the first time around, thanks for sharing.

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